Should Social Work Be Viewed As An Art Or Science?

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Should Social Work Be Viewed as an Art or Science?

Should Social Work Be Viewed as an Art or Science?


Social Environment Means Life, And Human Life Is the Environment

Man as a social entity, has a comprehensive moral expressed in their actions that have an impact on other human beings, and in the environment in which they live. The only rational beings that inhabit this planet are human beings, that is why the environment has been changed according to the needs of the people, thus improving relationships with the environment, but no relationship can be sustained, if not reciprocal, according to this and if an individual look at a little human-environment relationship, it can be seen that it is man who has always benefited from its environment.

Day by day man complains of the bad weather, unseasonable alterations in temperatures, flooding could cause negative effects on agricultural production, the quality of life of the inhabitants of the affected areas are forgetting that humans themselves are the cause of all these disasters, for example, these floods are due to the neighbor s of the rivers, creeks, streams and wetlands directly dump their garbage in them, clogging pipes and killing living beings in the water, which are causing major impact on the ecosystem, altering the relationship environment - human. There is another interesting example as it is globalization, in which poor countries join in the plan, as a result of the cascade of low-cost goods that affect ecosystem health, having no quality control over their raw materials that are environmentally friendly and are detrimental to the environment and contributing to the collapse of the economies of the companies taking them to closure (Chamberlain, 1991). The waste of resources have been prompted by dominant and authoritarian mentality in order to make their actions consistent and systematic abuse of nature, therefore it has become necessary to implement an environmental education, not only for the classroom, and the effort for total commitment of major consumer companies, telecommunications and automotive, as it requires a fundamental change in the social, political and economic structure, to allow the formation and development of the people in accordance with the environmental preservation, and a quality of life above the poverty line (Chamberlain, 1991).

The relation among the social environment and humans is therefore quite significant, and in order to have this relation more strong, the activities of social work exists. Therefore, this paper is an attempt in understanding the relation between the human and social environment along with the identification of the phenomenon of social work, as an art or science. This is no doubt little confusing, because there are some of the aspects which indicate the relation of social work with an art and there are some of the features which signify the vital relation of social work with science simultaneously.


Even though Social work is related to only single activity, but this significant phenomenon is associated with many of the activities at the same ...
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