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Sociology for social work

Sociology for social work

Sociological Theories and Social Work

This essay explores the relation between sociology and social work, the validity of the theory and the importance of the theory, in solving social problems and social justice.

Moral and political philosophy is used to indicate the criteria to justify the positive role of Government in developing and implementing policies to achieve a more just society than it would if the market were found to be the most appropriate adjudicator of the economic and social exchange.

This essay covers three broad themes: the relationship between social theory and social problems, social work, the validity of the theory and the importance of reflection on the role of the State, the national Government in achieving social justice (Chomsky 1986, 56). Firstly, many contemporary sociological theory, has an interest in improving social problems, social theorists classic. Secondly, many social theorists tend to fall into two camps, those who are concerned that their theory is correct (true) and those who want their theories to be useful. (1991 Kieser, 69) Each camp, however, did not see the usefulness and credibility are essential to the theoretical elaborations are intended to have any validity in the improvement of social problems and social justice. Third, without legal, financial incentives and moral exhortation of policies issued by national Governments, these objectives cannot be achieved. Today's global economy demands national leadership level. Any classification types and uses of the theory is inherently arbitrary and suspects may at best reflects hidden if not overtly biased, who build these schemes and at worst leading to epistemological paralysis when logical consistency and coherence. However, the analytical classification schemas need to get the discussion going with some degree of clarity that challenge where warranted may move forward rather than at the end of the impasse. Although "by" but nevertheless, it is useful as background for further discussion of how modern social theorists have lost its moorings, identifies three main types of sociological theories, which still have value: positive, interpretation, and performance. Positive sociological theories whose authors consider yourself and treat his theory in the tradition of natural sciences. For analytical purposes, they include neo-positivists, human ecologists, structural functionalists, social behavioral scientists) and bio-psychologists. Social theorists hold concept of "free of values" of science, but the "value" human nature, however, is based on the methodology of social investigation that is unique. Interpretive sociology include cultural understanding, action and interaction, social psychology or symbolic interaction, social phenomenology.

The truth is, sociology has already made a difference. As you progress though your research sociology you will learn about the past and present social scientists and their research. As you read, and as you begin to think about the world, both now and as it was 100 years ago, you will see that what I am telling the truth. Sociologists and their disciples are often at the forefront of social change. The work of Karl Marx, for example, created a century of social change and social ...
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