Social Work Intervention

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Implications for Social Work Intervention

Implications for Social Work Intervention


The social work faces the new faces of poverty and exclusion. More than 800,000 professionals are social workers. Many of these professionals are mobilized around issues of poverty and exclusion: in local authorities such as councils, associations involved in public service missions of the fight against poverty. The members who composed the working group for the research are an appropriate approach whose starting point is this observation: since the advent of "new poverty" in the early 80's, our society has changed profoundly. These changes have revealed new faces of poverty and exclusion. Social workers are today facing mass poverty in which many difficulties are cumulative social (housing, health, employment, and training). This poverty also has many faces, ranging from homeless living in major exclusion to the working poor caught in the spiral of indebtedness. Immigration is also a contemporary face of poverty.

Description and Analysis

The world has changed our relationship to invert a poor little support to be refocused on social practices of alliance. From this observation, it seemed important to reflect on "how to reverse our relationship to poverty." This is the subject of the second part assumes that among the poor, there potential and that a society needs all its members and cannot be satisfied to exclude a number. Social work must meet this challenge is to reverse the existing social relationship with the poor, that is to say, take more support their individual and collective wealth There is possible way to search for a new social cohesion other than which is to adjust the timid policies against poverty in an objective minimalism that tends to settle certain populations in a permanent status poverty. Social work is a lever that must demonstrate that populations' poor are not a burden on society. But to "reverse the ratio to poverty", this can be done by repositioning the professional practice of social work social support around him- same must be rebuilt from a process of alliance with the poor.

The choice of using the word "alliance" underscores the need there is for social work to develop methods of intervention that are oriented logic of social promotion individual and collective. It is intentionally that these practices should build alliance the riches that are the poorest. For social action, it is to see how out of professional practice dominated by logical distribution of social benefits ...
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