Sino-Japanese Relationship History

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Sino-Japanese Relationship History

Sino-Japanese Relationship History


Te relationship between the Japan and china is always considered as most subtle political problem and complex. From the part of fiercest conflict they have the judgments of both countries are considered Taiwan as the main issue and ownership of fishing island. Both these countries are neighbors and historically became intertwined. Although china ancient culture, skills of production or even the political regime have create the huge impact over Japan. This is well known that the Japanese has literary stems from Asian giant China.


A good relation between the geographical neighboring countries is treated key especially in Asian countries where the China and Japan should keep the balance for Asian pacific region for a certain degree and maintaining him stability for the global community, but the unfortunate things that exist between these countries have the conflicts that occur all the time between them, the major cause has determined to this problem was the historical causes: both China and Japan come towards the common understanding for their respective positions and should developed their crucial relationship in the world.

There are two major wars that the history should not go to forgotten: the Jia Wu and World War II (Brink, 2011, p. 44), these are the wars that create the profound impact in formation of the framework for current relationship between two countries.

The war between two countries was lasted from year 1894 to 1895 at the time of Qing Dynasty in China and the King of Japan Ming Zhi. Since their time, the accession of the King Ming Zhi from Japan have a mind for military ideology which claimed that the expansion of territory was basic national policy from Japan and the deciding to become more aggressive fro invasion of neighbors -China and Korea. In year 1874, Taiwan was invaded by Japan. Sino Japanese war has determined as the unprecedented shift in power of East Asia. The victory Japanese in Sino-Japanese war gave confidence to Meiji Japan. Defeat of China cause the fall Qing dynasty and Korea start to beginning colonization by Japan (Schirokauer & Clark, 2004).

Eastern Study Party from Korea tried to overthrow the government of Korea who soughing with the help from china. At that particular time period Japan also eyeing for taking advantage for affairs that have an excuse for invading Korea.

Both China and Japan are considered economically, politically and potential giants in Asia which have locked the complex-economic-political scorpion dance. They have accounted for around 2/3 economic power for this region, and the more than half of it is spending on military. Trading between Sino Japan has more vigorous and the dynamic on earth.

Despising their deep growing economic ties China and Japan has a stand for increasing way relationship of geo-political to one another. This is the dangerous for globally and more important remarkable misunderstood. Through history the hierarchy always helping the structure between the bilateral relations for these giants, one was clearly showing that more powerful and prosperous than the ...
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