Smart Cell Phones

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Smart Cell phones

Smart Cell phones


Each day brings new ideas, developments, improvements and advancement in technology. The technology is totally dependent on humans and inventors as they mould the directions of advancement according to their thinking and ideas. As electronic technology is advancing, hard copies are losing their importance in research work, educations and studies. These things influence the lives of human and made it easier, faster and safer. Thus, we can say that it is the need of our lives. Smart phones have made the lives of individuals more comfortable than before.

History of Cell phone

Let's get back to the 1990s, when we went to the market to buy our first cell phone. Everyone desired to have that room sized computer to get small and come into palms. If we just stop and think, what happened and where we found things going, and we glad to see that room size computers are in our hands as our mobile phones. The prototype handheld phone was used by Dr. Cooper which was weighed 2.5 pounds, length was 9 inches, thickness was 5 inches and width was 1.75 inches. It had got the talk limit of 30 minutes which was not enough for the users, and it took 10 hours to recharge the battery which was totally time consuming. Motorola's chief Mr. John F Mitchell performed vital role in advancing handheld set and enforced Motorola to develop small sized cell phone which would be convenient for the users.

There had a room size computer, and then it reduced to a desktop computer. The dream accomplished as this desktop computer was in every office and home. With the advancement, of technology and with the every year passed, come into the reality. The size of computers is reduced. Desktop computer was everywhere in the market, home and industry. After some years, laptop into the palms of hands has become reality. At the same time, computers were getting shorter than before, and it opened the way for smaller cell phones. Today, hand held palm computer and the cell phones are mated and became smart phones. It has opened the way of mobile computers. Before 1973, cell phone technology was just found in numerous cars and other vehicles and Motorola was considered as the first handheld mobile phone.

Positive Impacts of Smart Cell phones

It is easier for anyone to see the effects on the entire society and how something affects the lives of the people in the society. It is not easy to discuss with people about the effects of mobile computing and answer to the question that mobiles are becoming desktops. According to Moore's law the number of transistors in the circuit will become double while it reduces its costs (Bowles, M. D., 2010). This means that every year computer will have reduced size and less expensive. This will help everyone to be updated and to buy such things. If the computers are in our pockets, it will help us to know the variety of information with ...
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