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A smart mobile device or Smartphone is a cell phone with features higher than the typical, often compared to the performance of a PC. The connection between the PDA (address book, calendar, notes, memos, documents office, etc.) and smart phones have caused the device of the future: Smartphone. These are devices that have the best of both and to allow their always keep users online, receiving emails, sending messages, talking on the phone or just listening to music for entertainment. Smart phones and led the user usually the executive must choose between them or by their side PDA also have acquired communication skills (Bose, 2007).

In broad terms can be considered as a Smartphone possesses the same capabilities as a PDA, and if, additionally, has some innovative capabilities such as sending and receiving emails electronic and Internet access. You should also enjoy other features typical of modern phones and taking pictures and videos and format music playback MP3. What makes it important to this device is the ability to manage email user with a facility close to what would have from a laptop but with an edge covered by the signal from the cellular network and absolute mobility. The ability of Smartphone beyond even the capabilities of laptop usually is ready to connect only from the called hotspots, areas covered by Wi-Fi signal (Bose, 2007).


Smartphone have changed our lives because it always somewhere to ring because you have to be always available No, wrong, the consequences can be found on a different level and used properly brings the Smartphone a whole different experience of communication. However, the social life, human contact with other people finds its expression through communication, the exchange of information. Communication can be of different nature and can be divided into direct and indirect communication. The first type of communication involves direct contact between people. Indirect communication is made, among others using the emerging devices such as smart phones. This communication is verbal, visual, auditory, and tactile. The appearance of the caller, his expression, tone of voice messages and the like, are of great importance in direct communication, and sometimes become more important than the content of speech. The smart phones can and often is used in anonymous communication, and its participants do not present themselves, and even make changes such as changes in gender identity. At first it was assumed that the smart phones will destroy the social relations, but as facilitates communication between people, should favor establishing and consolidating new contacts (Poore, 2011).

However, the development of mobile telephony has experienced nearly exponential growth has led to the proliferation of mobile phone networks and a significant increase of electromagnetic pollution and the social perception of risk associated with these facilities. Thus, the latest phenomenon of Smartphone supports the notion of social mobilization and creating new forms of mobile relations. Moreover, the problems associated have not solved the social and environmental impact of Smartphone. Social mobilization and environmentalist has forced some regions to provide more preventive policy and public ...
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