Smith Systems Consulting Virtual Organization

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Smith Systems Consulting Virtual Organization

Smith Systems Consulting Virtual Organization


This is a virtual organization of E-Business Paper will focus on Smith Systems Consulting. As Smith Systems is expanding? it is more likely to conduct e-business at the international level. Thus? this paper will address the following:

a. Analysis of legal problems that companies may encounter in conducting e-business and discuss possible solutions and

B. Identify problems that may arise in the company's international business and discuss the conflicts of law that relate to these issues. What law would apply to

these situations? Which court will deal with these issues? (Augenstein)

Smith System Consulting

Smith Systems Consulting was founded in 1984 by Blair Smith. At the end of 70 years? Blair Smith? a partner at a large public accounting firm in Houston? Texas. The presence of a high degree in the field of computer science and a bachelor's degree in accounting? Mr. Smith would often use technology to address the finance and accounting problems? Mr. Smith customers. Seeing the explosive growth of the industry of personal computers? Blair Smith decided there was sufficient market power to initiate an independent technology services? business consultants (Smith? 2006).

Of the original group of five? Smith Systems Consulting has become a major regional consulting company with locations in Houston? Texas (headquarters)? Atlanta? Georgia? and the newest venture Beijing? China. Smith Systems Consulting clients on technology services from a broad spectrum of industries? including: transportation? retail? financial services? manufacturing and education.

Smith Systems Consulting services include: design and implementation of a network or on site custom programs or projects? offering the latest server technology to ensure safe and reliable web site hosting? development of new technologies and upgrading existing systems? ensuring the maintenance of the website programming and providing services to support the premiere. Smith Systems Consulting to offer these services to its customers with high value web applications and business services.

Areas of business will be improvedSmith Systems Consulting is exploring the possibility of expanding the Smith Consulting security procedures and practices to maintain fairness? corporate job? which? in turn? benefit the customers? in which Smith Systems Consulting to serve.

To ensure the safety and security systems Smith Consulting employees? proximity readers were installed throughout the building and maintained on individual workstations. Proximity readers to grant or deny access to a specific area or building a database in the computer. Each employee is issued a certificate image encoded information implanted in the card chip? meaning that access is granted to the employee.

Smith Systems Consulting has about 50 servers in each location? Texas? Georgia and China. These servers support the company that will help them serve their clients. All websites? personal data and local area networks are maintained on Smith Systems Consulting servers for easy access to Smith? consulting clients and Smith Systems Consulting? working on projects for the system of Smith's consulting clients. All databases? Web sites and software created in the systems of Smith Consulting are copyrighted and completely non-pirated. This gives the customer the right to Smith Systems Consulting software ...
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