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Cigarette Smoking Should Ban Positives and Negatives.

Cigarette Smoking Should Ban Positives and Negatives.


Tobacco smoking is gaining popularity in today's world. Trend of smoking begins early in the history. It started in early 5000 BC with the cultivation of agricultural products in South America. Trend of smoking in America originates from the incense burning ceremonies of Shamans, eventually adopted as pleasure and soil symbol. Initially tobacco and various hallucinogenic substances was consumed to be in the state of trance or to build contact with the spiritual world.


Condemning smoking in public or unofficial gathering is a very crucial issue. It pollutes the environment and is against occupational safety and health regulations. Therefore, prohibition of tobacco smoking is certain in many public places. A pioneer reason for opposition of smoking is related to the health and safety of the general public. Smoke free laws focus on the fact that breathing is essential for survival rather than smoking. Therefore, smoke bans protect people from passive smoking and its hazards.

Advantages of Smoking

Although, accusing smoking in today's world is becoming a more common and habitual. However, it should not be totally banned because smoking is helpful in relaxing many people. Others smoke in order to improve their concentration levels. Eligible students smoke before exams, to decrease exam pressure. It is a tool for socializing with friends among gathering and parties. Furthermore, government revenue increases by levying health taxes on imports of cigarettes. Increased government revenue contributes in building a better infrastructure. Funds gathered from taxes are predominantly invested in building schools, hospitals and other public facilities. Manufacturing sector provides employment to millions of people and have a significant role in the GDP of any country. Tobacco industry also employs thousands of people across the world. Escalating employment levels are evidenced by researchers concluding highest share of ...
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