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Negative Influence of Smoking on Hiring Decisions

Negative Influence of Smoking on Hiring Decisions


Smoking has been in an attractive mode of style these days. Young people adopt smoking habit in every early age and then they are unable to avoid smoking. They get so much addicted to smoking that it becomes difficult for them to stop smoking. Smoking is a significant risk factor for heart disease and cancer. A person who is addicted to smoking always had a bad impression in front of everyone. There are varieties of reasons for this.

However, when company hiring a person, they distinguish candidate on the bases of their strong point and for a company who has string image in the market hire a candidate who is responsible, creditworthy and has good image in order to influence their team members. A person who is addicted to smoking, experiences many severe diseases and their appearance do change as well, which might not be a good indication in front of the HR people, and can affect their hiring decision. Hence, this reach paper will discuss on the negative influence of smoking on hiring decisions (Wertz & Sayette, 2001).

Thesis Statement

The influence of smoking can change the decision of HR. in order words; there is the negative influence of smoking on hiring decisions.


Decision making arrested the consideration of numerous organizations over the past years. Management analyzed the phenomena to understand the candidate attitude while they are hiring employees. The analysis of the candidate might have a negative or positive influence on management people. However, hiring decisions are complex, variable and vital. This has been marked as a cognitive process which is influenced by the attitude of candidate while conducting the hiring process (Stieghorst, 1995).

Smoking and Work Place

In a workplace, where smoking smokers and nonsmokers coexists sharing the environment and the air they breathe. A noteworthy issue is smoking in the workplace. In recent years, a greater concern has been shown towards the increasing damage that caused by tobacco in the workplace to health workers, since in this case; it could be a combined effect of smoking and occupational exposures (

This fact is called suck smoke snuff in the air around us. This smoke can contain up to 4,000 chemicals, many of which are harmful to health and 40 are known to cause cancer. 15% of cigarette smoke is inhaled by the smoker, and the remaining 85% goes directly into ...
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