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Social Media Consultant Firm


Social media are media that use technology communication highly accessible to facilitate social interactions. This term includes various activities that integrate technology, social interaction, and content creation. Andreas Kaplan and Michael Haenlein define social media as "a group of online applications that are based on ideology and technology of Web 2.0 and enable the creation and exchange of user-generated content”. Social media use the collective intelligence in a spirit of online collaboration. Through these means of social communication, individuals or groups of individuals who work together create Web content, organize content, index it, modify it or make comments, combined with personal creations. Social media use many techniques such as flow RSS and other syndication web, blogs, and wikis, photo sharing, video-sharing (YouTube), the podcasts, social networks, the bookmarking collaborative, virtual worlds, the micro-blogging, and more.

Social media consulting firm

Social media is not a fad, but a fundamental shift in the way we communicate. While search on the success of social media for businesses is not comprehensive because the subject is so new, one fact remains - the ROI of using social media for your business is that you will still exist in five years. Unfortunately, a large number of small businesses do not have the time, resources or knowledge to run a suite of social media sites. Therefore, my consulting firm will employ a team of individuals who are subject matter experts in a number of various fields to create and manage the social media efforts of these small businesses. For example, someone with a background in human resources would run the social media efforts of a headhunting company while someone with a background in financial management would run the social media efforts of a small loans office.


It is the activity that develops an enterprises in its own name or that of its employees, media and social networks to improve their image, create new channels of communication with your prospects, clients and prescribers and Marketing view search engine optimization (SEO). With the growth of demand in the promotion of social networks all the more acute is the issue of predicting the return on investment. Marketers have to more accurately calculate the budgets for the promotion of social networks, because we are talking about large sums.

Programs for “new entrants"

The average budget for "newcomers" in social programs is 66 thousand dollars, the average for this level of team work 3.1 people in a centralized form of management. Programs for beginners are usually only experiments in social media. Programs at this level focus on organizational models, training courses for staff. These include:

Organization of collaboration: team building, which will deal with all the social initiatives of the company. This central team will form the policy of the company in social media, ravorachivat educational programs and tools to implement, with the main goal - to help team members to share knowledge with each other and interact effectively within the team.

Before implementing such complex social initiatives as Face book page or corporate ...
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