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Social Networking

Social Networking


Social networking is the online platform which facilitates for building the relationship among people who share their interest, backgrounds, interest or connections from real life. Service of social networking has represents each user on their profile with additional services. In today world, majority of social networking is become a part of web 2.0 which is known an evolution of internet. Majority of online social community are based to provide it users for making interaction over internet which includes instant messaging and an email. Users are allowed to share their views, activities, ideas, and interest from these social networking sites. There are several dangers associated with these social networking websites that involves viruses and thefts. These social websites allows the hackers opportunity for misuse and stealing personal information if privacy filters does not correctly used. Evaluation is a key part of these websites and understands privacy policy before entering personal information.


Individual is engaged with other people throughout the history by using social network, although there is a novel phenomena emerge is shape of social networking services (online websites). Contrasting it to the past communication tools providing the facility to stay connected with the known one with just little effort (Richmond, 2011, p. 148). Social networking is one of the most popular inventions in the last couple of decades, but this is not easy for the individual who is newly make his entrance in social network. The best way to understand the social network is just like that as you are newly enrolled in education center where you initially start with no friends, after some time of interaction with people who have the same interest individual social networking circle has going to develop, and it grows further as expansion of time.

In today's world through using social networking sites individual stay connected with large social network throughout their life, which might be used as key assets for management of career (Richmond, 2011, p. 149). An individual has a great opportunity to explore his career through effective strategy and get feedback instantly from others. Maintaining strong social network is not easy for anyone because this world is moves with fast pace, but social networking websites helps individual to resolve this problem. Social networking sites allows individual for construction of public profile, allows other individuals to share connection and traverse their connection list. Facebook, Twitter and LinkenIn are become top of the list when we are talking about social networking websites.

Broad Market Research

The past decade brought some key technological changes for business. Customer relationship management tools become stronger then past which involves Smartphone, email and laptops are treating as an appropriate methods for making communication in business (Scott, 2012, p. 2). A fantastic opportunity for the business man to expand their contact circle by using social networking sites who can availed the opportunity to target thousand of audience without put much effort and expense on traditional advertising. Many businesses have followed social network techniques very effectively to increase their ...
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