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Social Science

Social Science


The definition of the family that shows a married heterosexual couple and their children is a proper and the complete family but various social scientists believed against this point as according to their view there are various families that are based on the same sex, suffering their life and enjoying same and often various benefits as compare to the heterosexual couple and their children.


Marriage based on the Same Sex Couples

Practical benefits

The practical benefits of legal marriage for same sex couples include those related to family law, pension and health benefits, income tax, and in-heritance and immigration law. These rights are afforded immediately to married couples without the waiting period required of common-law couples. Same sex married couples are bound by the same responsibilities as heterosexual married couples including decision-making in medical or legal emergencies, spousal support, child support, and division of property upon dissolution of marriage. A recent survey of 558 individuals in same sex marriages in Massachusetts conducted by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health found that 85% of participants listed legal recognition as one of their top three reasons for getting married. (Alderson, 2004)

In a phenomenological study of 22 married or soon to be married same sex couples from Canada and around the world, the social scientists highlighted the importance of practical and legal benefits to the couples interviewed. In addition, to develop scientific disciplines that are based on the social sciences, of course, do not develop in isolation from other fields. In fact, its expansion and refinement often use their respective contributions of other research areas. This is the case with respect to the exchange of knowledge between sociology of the family and the multidisciplinary fields of family history, their experts have questioned the long-standing generalizations about the historical development of family forms and practices. For example, the work of social historians has led to a questioning of existing paradigms of sociology postulates a uniform process of family formation. His research showed the errors underlying claims about the impact of industrialization and modernization of different types of families and family relationships in flux. The legal benefits that these couples identified as having had a particularly significant impact in their relational lives were the opportunities to create families through adoption, to automatically have the right to care for a partner in the case of illness or injury, and to act on other legal matters. (Cabaj & Purcel, 1998)

Social support

In addition, the social scientists hypothesized that public and legal marriage for same sex couples living in the United States would increase social support for these couples because of the higher social recognition afforded to legally married couples. As Zicklin anticipated, this has now been shown to be the case in several studies. Given that many gay and lesbian couples lack family support, legal marriage might challenge families and public opinion to be more accepting. Family members who opposed a couple's cohabiting outside of marriage might be less negative toward gay or lesbian ...
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