Social Work Practice

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Social Work Practice

Social Work Practice

Social workSocial worker is a professional discipline which works in providing assistance for the well being of a community, individual or a group of people. For this case, it is important to understand the social work task and develop a historical analysis of the role it plays in the health care. It was at first educational, specifically in the field of health education. Also noteworthy is that social work had its origins in this area due to the specific context of the time. Also, develop performance implications this had on society.

Development of Assessment Plan

Social worker may contribute to the health team to study the socioeconomic variables that influence the etiology, distribution and development of the bipolar disease and its social consequences, locating, identifying, controlling or eliminating those that retard or prevent the achievement of health goals and full utilization of services, and locating those who favor their achievement. He should guide and empower patients, their families and the community in general in problems resulting from the disease in order to embrace as agents of prevention, promotion, recovery and rehabilitation of health, accepting it as a collective value is preserved. Social worker must participate in the formulation, implementation and evaluation of health policies aimed at reducing or eliminating inequalities and access to healthcare (Campos, 2010, p. 1).

The main issues which would be taken into consideration would be legislative background of is necessary to be examined in this regard (Brown, 2009). It will help in determining the factors and issues in Ms Coyle case. Since Ms Coyle is diagnosed with Bi polar Affective disorder. She also attempted to suicide, therefore, it is necessary that we first examine her condition as a patient. She has additional rights as a disabled person. People with disabilities and learning difficulties are labeled, stigmatized, marked for life by the mere fact of being different, and placed in a position of inferiority. This has generated an attitude of rejection, shame, distress and discomfort, also over-familiar behavior, which them as people unable to fend for themselves. The disabled person, in theory, is a person with the same rights as others, but they are unfortunately prevented from exercising them by the discriminatory behavior that society displays, making them feel like "second class citizens (Rushton, 2000, 5).

The care coordinator working with Ms Coyle may want to consider applying for a COT to prevent her from continuing down the path of what is often referred to as a 'revolving door' patient. This order would allow Ms Coyle to be treated in the community and with her involvement in the care plan, support her to find other ways of maintain stable mental health and promoting recovery by ensuring her individual needs are identified and attend to. If Ms Coyle is to achieve the best outcome it will be essential to work with the benefit of joined up thinking that comes from working intra-professionally with other statuary agencies. Decision making and knowledge sharing will be fundamental to ...
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