Social Workers Professional Development

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Social Workers Professional Development

Social Workers Professional Development


To put some social work into practice is all the times formed by the requirements and wants of the era, the troubles they present, the uncertainties they engender, the resolutions that appeal, and the acquaintance and expertise available. When considering what part values play in social work practice, one of the first things to understand is what our values are. One of the significant features of values is that we tend to become so accustomed to our own values and beliefs that we do not recognise that they are there or how they are influencing us. An important step, then, is to be clear about what our values are.


Sanders and Pedersen (1984 pp iv) defined that social work "refers to the core functions and specialized helping services performed by social workers in their professional capacity as members of the profession. The functions and specialized tasks that are part of the social workers' helping efforts are goal oriented and geared to problem solving and change." Sanders and Pedersen finished off by saying that there are "understandable interrelationships and it is helpful to view social work as a profession functioning in the context of the broad field of social well-being" (Turner & Tom, 2000).

Turner (2000) describes social work this way:“Social work begins variously from humanitarian, religious and democratic ideals and philosophies and has universal application to meet human needs arising from personal societal interactions and to develop human potential. Professional Social Workers are dedicated to service for the welfare and self-fulfillment of human beings; to the development and disciplined use of scientific knowledge regarding human and societal behavior; to the development of resources to meet individual, group, national and international needs and aspirations; and to the achievement of social justice.”

Social Work As a Recognized Major ProfessionIn the past, social work practice, as a known major profession amongst the human service occupations, developed at approximately the similar time as the occupation in the United States of America and United Kingdom. Therefore individuals have been familiar as practiced social workers for over century. Educational faculties of social work have sustained for well over seventy-five years. In addition to the influence of these two cultural groups, the profession's development has also been shaped by the perspectives and needs of the many other groups of persons who were, or have become, a part of the society of UK. Though for a long time these manipulates were not as noticeable or as observable, this is varying, and now such views are gradually more shocking on the profession's materialization. For instance, there is a mounting understanding that the first-nation working classes, the creative population of the state, have significant assistance to formulate to the growth of specialized and professional services in the country from the foundation of their history and cultures (Turner & Tom, 2000).

Although in arrangement the profession's progress is alike to that in the majority of other developed countries, the content, the ...
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