Spice Health Education Program

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Spice Health Education Program

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Spice Health Education Program


Spice is artificial or synthetic marijuana (cannabis). It is available very easily in various shops, gasoline stations, over the Internet, and elsewhere. It is synthetic marijuana as it is not the real marijuana. Rather it contains powdered plant matter that is mixed with other chemicals to produce the psychoactive effect. These are mind-altering drugs and there use is highly injurious to health. The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) in the United States has also banned all forms of cannabis and spice. They mostly test these alternative drugs for cannabinoid compounds. The sellers of these drugs often change the composition of the drugs to sell them legally. Still, these cannabinoid compounds are easily detected by the administration and are banned. Yet, there is high consumption of spice, or synthetic marijuana in US high schools. It has been estimated that about 11.4 percent of high school seniors consume these psychoactive drugs (NIDA, 2012).

Spice health education program

Accordingly, it is imperative to stop the use of spice or synthetic marijuana among senior high school students and others. We at Anti-Spice Association will be conducting a program to educate and inform high school students and other possible users to refrain from using such a drug, which is also illegal.

Human resources requirements

The program will require the services of a professional health educator. That will be readily available. Then, this health educator will engage in training of trainers. There will be five such trainers who will conduct various awareness programs by going to different high schools in the city. Furthermore, at times these anti-spice programs will also be held at other locations, such as at different auditoriums. Accordingly, there will be no need for a specific place to conduct the program. Still, the company premises will not be ...
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