Sport Nutrition Program

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Sport Nutrition Program

Sport Nutrition Program

Introduction to Sport Nutrition Program

Sport nutrition program is of the greatest significance for athletic of tomorrow and coaches of today. There is a vital need for understanding sport nutrition programs. Nutrition is 20% science and 80% habit. We know it takes time to change our behaviour and improve our performance. Everyone has different goals, schedules, programs, and we understand that there is a nutrition strategy that works for everyone. Sports nutrition is a key factor to help athletes and clients achieve maximum performance through integrated strategies for nutrition and training.

In doing so it helps us to maximize the athletic potential; therefore, there a need to design a specific nutritional and training program for young up and coming athletic like young Jim due to his thin structure. He need to bulk up in size. With the current intervention of program, it would make it possible for Jim to become an NRL player. He has been told that he needs to bulk up to 85kg over the next two years to enable him to have any hope of selection.

In program, there are procedures for Jim which needs to be followed if he wants to achieve maximum result. In order to achieve the maximum results, there is a strong need that Jim must focus on his diet. Similarly, the gym training will include the extensive physical trainings to enhance the weight of Jim. Throughout the program, Jim would be monitored on his progress before, during and after competition. Current program have specific intention to improve Jim overall situation for his body mass, physical size and structure to be considered for the NRL.

Importance of Sports Nutrition

Sports nutrition plays an important role in managing the health of the sports persons and stabilizing the nutritional levels as required for the sport event. In this paper, the patient is presented a program / intervention for his health condition. The situational analysis of the patient is presented and the nutritional plans followed by the materials that are involved in the intervention are also discussed. Further, the evaluation of the intervention is performed in order to identify the limitations and manage the program accordingly. The main purpose is to achieve the aim and develop techniques to stabilize the health such that it would be helpful for the future.

Patient Scenario Analysis

Jim is an 18-year old player who aims at becoming a part of NRL. The selection process has intimated him to bulk increase his body weight from 70kg to 85 kg within the next 2 years. This is the main criterion for him to get selected and play on NRL. Therefore, the main aim is to design a program that will not only include the nutritional plan but also the materials and procedures that are important to follow. If Jim follows the essential diet plan in order to improve the body bulk and weight, it is feasible to attain the weight as mentioned by NRL.

Program Description

There are four cases at which the program needs ...
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