Starbucks Brand Development

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Starbucks Brand Development

Starbucks Brand Development


Starbucks offer a unique Starbucks coffee experience and provide their customers a place where its customers forget about the worries of the world, enjoy professional brewed coffee and other refreshments at their desire pace with their friends. The brand positions around serving good coffee as well as other non-coffee beverages like tea and food items in its stores. In 2011, Start bucks changed its logo to reflect these changes and removed the word “coffee” from the logo.We will be looking at the revised mission statement of the company and will devise our development strategy around it. Our core focus will be to strengthen the current customer base of the brand while penetrating our brand image. Starbucks has been long associated as coffee servers and it's still their primary product and core competency. In order to target non-coffee customers, consumers of other beverages and consumers looking for a snack at a loving atmosphere, we will develop our positioning strategy accordingly.


Starbucks initiated their operations in 1971 which revolutionized the idea of serving coffee in United States and around the world.

Its product includes different beverages, food, digital music and accessories. As of 2012, Starbucks has 17,651 stores, has opened stores in Costa Rica, Morocco, Curacao, Norway and Finland. Has acquired La Boulange bakery brand for strengthen its food offerings. Starbucks has been focusing over the years in establishing and maintaining ethical and good quality supply chains especially for the sourcing of coffee beans. Starbucks focused its strategy to offer more line of beverages then just simple coffee (Schultz, 2011).

Starbucks mission statement expresses the objective of the company to inspire and take care of the humanity starting with one person, through one cup, and by starting to influence one neighborhood at a time (Starbucks, 2012).

Starbucks has established the working principles around the coffee which is the prime product. They have committed themselves to not only selling the fine and exceptional coffee but to improve the supply chain altogether. Starbucks has established farmer support centers at the fields where the coffee is being grown and has established sourcing criteria to ensure that coffee is sourced ethically and sustainably.

The second principle which guides Starbucks in it is business activities is to consider their partners as partners in a passion of Starbucks' products and service methodology. Starbucks gives value to its partners and respect their diversity.

The third and fourth principle ...
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