Strategic Information System

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Critically discuss a Strategic Information System within your organisation

(Preferable banking industry)

Critically discuss a Strategic Information System within your organisation


Strategic information system (SIS) is the system, which is widely used in today's world. Well it is a system in which firms provides its mission and values in the databases and systems. All integral parts of the organization is connected with is and as you all know that in the world of globalization, IT infrastructure of the Organization generate productivity. (Lewis & Byrd, 2003, Pp. 93-109)


Management provides the system with all missions, values and goals after completing this task they also have to set strategy of achieving their goals and performance measurements to evaluate achievements. Strategic information system then works like an architect and as it is easy to construct a building with architect same is the case with SIS, after providing the data it itself analyze what task are fundamental for the company and what should be done appropriately. (Bergeron & Raymond, 1992, Pp. 19-31)

It also creates linkage between the other departments and has all data base foundation within so that the higher level management cans easily lookup for the updates and sees which department is doing well. (Chen & Sheldon, 1997, Pp. 151-176).

Use of a Strategic Information System within your own organization is the key to achieve success in this area is to use information system the origin of competition in a sector of industry. The systems which were successful in achieving the changes in systems are first to achieve their desired goals. (Shirazi & Soroor, 2007, Pp. 726-735)

Strategic information system is very useful in banking sector as nowadays the branch network of the banks are increasing and to have the data of all the customers on hard book is very time consuming, and a huge resource is needed to maintain. Strategic informational system plays a vital role is saving all the customers data. It improves the performance of the banks as the work becomes easier for every department and all are connected to each other so any changes in the banks rule and regulation it can be easily transmitted. The manager at head office can easily see what is been done in the branches and which branch in progressing towards the goals. (Gongla & et. al, 2006, Pp. 45-65)

Strategic informational system is the system which is ads value to each process. In banks there are many departments which are to be connected with each other and SIS creates value for example nowadays banks are providing easy access to the internet banking and phone banking so it gives its customer many competitive advantages such as now it is easy for a customer to call and by telling access code he/she can know their balance easily. And it is easy for them to buy a service while they are anywhere in the world. This creates value for the customer and for the organization because now they have data of their customer who use their services ...
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