Strategic Information System

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What are strategic information systems? How can information systems add strategic value to business organisations?

What are strategic information systems? How can information systems add strategic value to business organisations?

Strategic Information Systems

Computer systems that enforce strategies are known as Strategic information systems (SIS); computer systems have an affect on the organization's products and business operations due to the systems where information services are applied to strategic business opportunities. In response to corporate business initiatives, Strategic information systems are developed. In several cases came from information Services users, but they were guided at particular corporate business forces. (Glen, 2003, 44)

In other events, thoughts, concerns arose from the functional issues, and Information Services provided the technological potential to realize productive results. Most information systems are considered as actions to support the business organization. That machine cognitive processes to improve control, efficiency and effectiveness, but they do, step by profitability.

With extensive reliable information to maintain business organization working without problems simply used to provide management, and are also used for analysis to design new strategies. On the other hand, strategic information systems to be a necessary and integral part of the company, and immediately affect revenue, market share, and all other facets of the market return. (Kichen, 1996, 398)

You can also bring in new markets, new products and new ways of working line. Immediately strike the competitive position of the administration and also gives an advantage to the contenders. Literature of strategic information systems highlights the significant advances in computer systems, for cases in the case of American Airlines, American Hospital Supply terminals in the offices of the client and the Sabre system. And many other highly successful these approaches are more attractive to think, and it is also possible that a victory can be achieved equivalent in your company.

For strategic information systems there are many possibilities, however, findings may not be spectacular, but will undoubtedly become an integral part of corporate decision making and business profitability of step-up. The growth of strategic information systems are always up the image of information services business, and also leads to information management has a more participatory role in the functioning of the organization. By Dr. Charles Wiseman, the president of a newly formed consulting firm called "Applications of competition"; the SIS concept was introduced in the area of information systems in 1982-83.

An expanded version of the book in 1988 called "Strategic Information Systems" by Richard D. Irwin was published. It was translated by Professor Tsuji Shinroki Japanese and was published by Diamond Publishing. More than 50,000 copies of this book have been sold to date. The following quotes ("Strategy and Computers: Information Systems as competitive weapons") from the prologue of the first book presents the basic idea behind the feeling of SIS. "Five years ago they began to meet cases of information systems used for the proposed strategy, dubbed them" strategic information systems, But from the beginning I was confused by their ...
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