Strategic Leadership

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Strategic Leadership

Strategic Leadership

There are very few products that are so exciting that people will tattoo your logo on their body.

— Richard Teerlink, Retired CEO, Harley-Davidson

Introduction to the Company

In today's world where entrepreneurship and owning your own business is considered to be the latest fashion to acquire wealth and status we see a lot of new businesses launching every month and every year but only few of them are able to maintain their position in the cutthroat competition and rivalry. Maintenance of the success of the business totally depends on the strategies a business owner adopts to operate it. Harley Davidson is a global brand, offering valuable bikes and rides that satisfy the craving for adrenaline and catering to the likes of all those people, who pertain to live in the world of adventure. Arthur and Walther Davidson and William Harley created a unique company with a corresponding culture (Evans, 2008). Up until the AMF takeover, Harley-Davidson was a company with a specific focus and a culture to support that focus. AMF seemed to change that focus and lead Harley-Davidson in another direction.

Case Study Analysis

Which of the three value disciplines would you say the company pursued? Discuss at least two (2) specific points from the case, with supporting course material, to support your thinking.

Product Leadership

To understand the phenomenon of the craze that began with the arrival of Harley Davidson, this craze began, which personified raw power. The adrenaline and the sensation that runs down your spine while enjoying a ride on the back of a Harley Davidson has made it as once of the most profound experiences to have ever been felt by people around the world.

Following the Law of the Mind, Harley Davidson stepped up as one of the most influential brands that paved way for delivering profound, high-class, yet roaring experience on a two wheeler. With a friendly acquisition of AMF, a Japanese conglomerate, the acquirer was determined to spread the ablaze that had been done for the purpose and objective of catering to the flipside of the customers, accustomed to cater to the modern side of life. The Internet being what it is, I should disabuse you now of any notion that this is a conversation about getting into bed with your customers—unless, of course, you manufacture beds (Adams, 2001).

Customer Intimacy

With reference to customer intimacy, Harley-Davidson knew that it was up to them that individuals would pave for understanding and comprehending the true colors of life and adventure and venture out their unique perception of freedom and life to different people around them. With the concept of raw power projected in the bikes being manufactured by Harley Davidson, the product became a huge success on the scene, since the focus of the company and their product development were in line with one another.

In midst of customer intimacy, bikes produced by the company became an instant hit, since the people had delivered and projected their product as their initial offering: a piece of life ...
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