Strategic Management Corporate Social Responsibility And Vision

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Strategic Management Corporate Social Responsibility and Vision



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Outline of the studyv

Background of the Studyv

Aims and Objectives of the Researchvi

Purpose of Researchvii



Classical Free Enterprise Model of Businessix

Critique of the Classical Modelx

Revisionist Free Enterprise Model Including Corporate Social Responsibilityx

Multiple Stakeholder Theoryxii

Critiques of Corporate Social Responsibilityxiii

The relationship between corporate social presentation and organizational effectivenessxv


Research Designxvi

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Outline of the study

This research will attempt to ascertain that, vision contents and context (CSR) of Saudi companies are voluntarily incorporated or involuntarily imposed by the cultural and social obligations of their stakeholders.

Additionally, it will find out that, if Saudi companies are not publishing CSR reports on their web sites or through other standard publications, then the investigation for the issues relating to CSR reporting and disclosure can only be achieved by conducting specific focus analysis for Organizational Visioning, Vision content, Strategic Approaches, and financial reporting of those companies and if they are adhering to some forms of strategic policies or environmental accounting practice.

Background of the Study

My own previous conducted research on leadership and management practices on Saudi organizations has led me to build a special interest in investigating this important adjacent area; namely, “ Vision articulation and the implication of Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) reporting and disclosure up on it”.

Vision and mission statements are articulated normally up on the corporate strategic objectives (CSO's), which could be such as, Profit maximization; Product Innovation; Market Share; Globalization and long -term survival. However, it can be argued that, the CSO's of Saudi companies are often influenced by strong Saudi society social and cultural perceptions. Hence, Saudi companies are operating in high interactive social and Islamic transparent business environments. Equally, their leadership strategic approaches are directed, coached and persuaded greatly by the above-mentioned considerations. In fact, they seem to be acting as part of a big social family constitution, where they are forming social pivots for enhancing the notion of social obligations, which are culturally and nationally demanded by their stakeholders.

Research Questions

What is the relationship of the content of vision to the nature and characteristics of the strategic approaches adopted by Saudi managers.

What is the analysis of the corporate social responsibility (CSR) concepts and philosophies embedded in CSR reporting and disclosure practices in Saudi Arabia.

Aims and Objectives of the Research

To enrich the debate on vision content analysis and strategic approaches within UK and Saudi Arabian generic and empirical prospective for ALL Saudi Companies.

To enrich the debate on corporate social responsibility philosophies and practices within UK and Saudi Arabian business environments in general ...
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