Strategic Market Planning

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Strategic Marketing Planning

Strategic Marketing Planning


Strategic marketing planning is vital for every company, as it helps in determination of potential competitor and its market position; while it compel marketers to determine the consumer preferences and change that may occur with the passage of time (Mooradian, Matzler & Ring, 2012). In context of strategic planning, this study is going to examine a scenario from the viewpoint of the top management. This paper will attempt to furnish answer of the question that being the VP Strategic Planning at Southwest Airlines and if 6 airlines, namely Airtran Airways, Allegiant Air, Frontier Airlines, Hooters Air, JetBlue Airways and Lufthansa Business Jet plan to enter in the market in which Southwest Airline is operating, should it be a matter of concerned? The paper will explain in terms of product offerings, product strategy, segmentation, targeting and positioning. Finally, the report will create a positioning perceptual map so that the essence of the discussion can be retrieved from visual representation.

Strategic Planning

Being the VP Strategic Planning at Southwest Airlines and the abovementioned 6 airlines plan to enter in the market in which Southwest Airline is operating, than surely it is a matter of concern for the company, because this simply indicates increase in market competition. In order to create a market plan to retain the existing customers while attracting new one even in the tough marker competition than company should follow some strategic set of patterns which shall be recommended in the strategy. However, it is a universal fact that every company needs to explore the market opportunities while analyzing the competitor's strengths and weaknesses (Blythe, 2006).

Competitor's Strength

Airtran Airways

Airtran Airways is considered an affordable business class, which offers ease and flexibility for the acquisition of free tickets help this low-fare aviation company to be considered a ...
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