Strategic Marketing

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Strategic Marketing

Strategic Marketing

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Company Background:3

SWOT analysis4





PEST Analysis6





Belu's Competitive Strategy8


Belu's Proposed Strategy for the new Product “This water”12

Tools to lift media's attention15



Strategic Marketing

Company Background:

Belu is a company which is located in United Kingdom and reflects the environmentally friendly water.

Belu is the water reflects the commitment to sustainable development. Belu has purchased a lot of time and double check the assets, business, commodities, and the connection string to the output of each stage is 100% carbon neutral.

To buy the business in many of India, Bangladesh, Mali and Madagascar clean water work, and the ecological research and development (R & D), including compost bottle. Belu, the British began the first commercial composting container, from corn, is made after 12 weeks decomposted.

This water company now is going to launch a new product in to the market and in this research paper we are going to what steps company shoud take before launching the new product.

SWOT and PEST analysis

To develop an appropriate marketing strategy would involve creating a link between the external environment and the key internal factors of bottled water.

SWOT analysis


Belu to water. Belu is likely to be most highly likeable enterprises that make soft drink. I would like to contact Belu as large established business. Undertakers e.g. Belu will now receive a good trade. This is a good base for establishing appropriate positions, this is a very valued and enterprises with a good position to be more configurable. Belu will renound for reliable and efficient service as Coca Cola have been around since the beginning of their businesses (Benady 2005).

Extensive portfolio of products with assorted savours commits more other pick, buyer feels in the lead and not forced in taste, they would like to select. Healthy drinking water is healthier for teeth than carbonated drinks, so water can enterprises of discord in the sale, the taste of water as a similar flavor as carbonated drink taken not rot your teeth. Last but not least the importance of water companies have large objective market functions, each individual, someone you can drink the water from the wealthy and well-known for localized Joe Bloggs (Bilen 2002).


Sponsorship for impartial happenings, being glimpsed call can strengthen support for the products and diversify individual market may be fruitful to acclimatize to the masterful platter markets was encouraging, it expands the market. At the national level is also very appreciated; Despite prominent details more currencies available is additionally will conceive a wider market. Promoting the use of large sales plans should promote sales; Crusade vast territories will provide support to bring up the next item (Berkowitz 2006).


The allocation of individual enterprises on the market. This leads to greater competition. Soft drink companies to demonstrate the Coca Cola can be said to take on the market of the majority, which may lead to accusations of war. It's terrible for the enterprise, as they might misplace of profit. (Berkowitz 2006)


Unmotivated people engaged in the work place can result in less work, closed that less water going ...
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