Strategic Marketing Management

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Strategic Marketing Management

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Corporate objective4

Industry analysis4

Marketing Audit: Internal and External5

Marketing Mix5

SWOT Analysis7

PEST Analysis10

Porter`s Five Forces Model14


Marketing Objectives and Strategies17

Identification of Alternative Plans19

Promotional programs21

Measurement, Review and Control22


Strategic Marketing Management


The Coca-Cola Company is one of the premier manufacturers, vendors, and marketers of non alcohol-dependent beverage concentrates and syrups. They make non alcohol-dependent beverage concentrates and syrups which are traded to preserving partners. The bottlers generally add carbonated water with the concentrates and sweeteners and then container the merchandise and deal it to wholesalers or retailers. Coca-Cola owns more than 400 brands in which they market for in over 200 distinct nations. Coca-Cola deals a kind of supple beverages, juice extracts, sports beverages, teas, and water. They function in eight segments, but most of their incomes arrive from three of those segments. Their three foremost segments are North America, South Asia and the Pacific Rim, and Bottling Investments. Their five other segments encompass Europe; North Asia, Eurasia and Middle East; Latin America; Africa; and Corporate. Coca-Cola furthermore has the premier brand.

Corporate Objective

Coca-Cola is enthusiastic on its objective, dream and values. To run a business founded on three things. Their company's objective comprises of three major areas:

Their aim is to maximize earnings and shareholder returns. Coca-Cola desire to have accomplished employees, and boost them to manage the best they can. They desire Coca-Cola is a charming location, and worker motivation to work. The businesses that get to rendezvous the desires of the beverage merchandise line (Company Review, 2009, 30). Coca-Cola to set up with their partners and suppliers in the provide string of connections connection of trust. In supplement, Coca-Cola is pleased of the groups and their work to advance the natural environment of the dissimilarities in their numerous contributions. Business conclusions, Coca-Cola, in order that their standards as a guide. Their major worth, including: authority, eagerness, integrity, blame, collaboration, discovery and quality. Coca-Cola has sustained a firm's standards, dream and objective success.

Industry analysis

Coca-Cola will be apprehended in the business of numerous other evolving nations in the beverage industry Leading the beverage commerce by developing incomes of $24,088 million dollars, Coca-Cola's nearest affray in this commerce is Coca-Cola Enterprises and Anheuser-Busch. Others that drop into the commerce encompass Pepsi Bottling, Molson Coors Brewing, Constellation Brands, Pepsi Americas, and Brown-Forman.

Beverage industry is going in more health-conscious consumers. Market is from a crop juice extract beverages, sports beverages and water products. To stay comparable, Coca-Cola to go in the market should pursue the wellbeing trend. "In numerous European nations, in the direction of a more wholesome way of life, and enhance buyer tendencies in the development of purposeful beverages extend to supply personal or mental well-being, reduced calorie, and other value-added requirements". Consumers worth goods, to assist them lead a wholesome way of life and seem better bodily and mentally.

Marketing Audit: Internal and External

Marketing Mix


In alignment to endow an association to be thriving you requires having a clear marketing mix Four P's product, place, price, ...
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