Strategic Planning For A Business Partnership

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Strategic Planning For a Business Partnership



I would take this opportunity to thank my research supervisor, family and friends for their support and guidance without which this research would not have been possible.


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Table of Contents




Rationale for a Qualitative Study6

Rationale for a Quantitative Study6

Strength and weakness of the mixed research7



Participations & issues8

Interaction with participants9

Informed Consent9



Research Design10

Instrument for data collection11

Data analysis11



Ethical Considerations15


Interview Questionnaire18



Mixed Methodology

During the present research both the primary and secondary sources of data has been utilized. The feature of supply chain management, in all possibility, demanded a personal, theoretical attitude, probably established on previously treated and accessible investigation records. Hence, the ingredient of importance of supply chain management in the cement industry is required to be investigated with the involvement of focus groups. Also, interviews have been conducted and views of some cautiously selected respondents have been obtained for arriving at appropriate and precise observations and conclusions. Longitudinal investigations and industry-related books, newspapers, periodicals and articles were also required to be explored to come up with some authentic interpretations. Also, the records accessible from International Cement Review and the Global Cement Report have been referred within the research study. In general, it is essential to have a persuasive and logical representation of the scope of cement industry and the consequences of its strategic partnerships.

The methodology that has been adopted for conducting the research study is the mixed research methodology. As the research study required the statistical analysis, the data has been collected on the supply chain management of the variables. Therefore, the research methodology is based on the primary research. However, there is included lot of data from the websites. These websites include different sources. The data for the literature review has been collected from different websites. Therefore, the research study has also included the secondary methodology. Thus, mixed methodology has been applied in conducting the research study. The Qualitative and Quantitative data has been applied in order to conduct the research study.

Rationale for a Qualitative Study

The qualitative study provides the results of the research study that are consistent with the relevant methods. The qualitative study is mainly based on the information extracted from the theoretical structure of the data. The qualitative research study takes into account different descriptions and explanation that provides deep insights into the study. As the research study has been conducted on the supply chain management within the Zuari Cement Company, the data has been collected by number of websites that provided the researcher with information about the supply chain process. There is also available quite a lot of data on the supply chain that is used by the company. The websites has also provided us valuable information ...
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