Strategic Planning For A Business Partnership

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Strategic Planning For a Business Partnership



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The research study has highlighted the strategic business planning in the companies that are engaged in the strategic partnership. The strategic planning in the supply chain management is one of the most important aspects that provide deep insights into the organizational planning and its process. The paper discusses the need and importance of strategic planning in supply chain management within the business partnerships. The strategic partnership allows the companies in partnership to innovate new products develop new business strategies and raise higher levels of profits for the organization. The strategic partnership allows the partner companies to make more diversity in their products and services offered to the customers and suppliers. It is a strong commitment of companies sharing the same vision, with common business goals and involving a sharing of resources and expertise. The importance of strategic planning in the supply chain management cannot be ignored particularly the kind of strategic planning that is needed between major players in the manufacturing sector. As the research study discusses the strategic planning in the partnership business, the partnership business that has been chosen for the analysis is the Zuari Italcementi Company that occupies major position in the cement industry of the whole world. The Italcementi group is one of the most successful companies in the strategic partnership and occupies fifth position in the cement industry. The group combine the expertise, knowhow and cultures of 22 countries in 4 Continents, possessing an industrial network of 59 cement plants, 11 grinding centres, 5 terminals, 350 concrete batching units and 90 aggregates quarries and clocking a turnover of around €4.8 billion during the fiscal year of 2010. The strategic partnership is the important tool for transforming the performance of the organization. The Zuari Company has been operating in India for the past few years and merged with the Italian cement company Italcementi. They distribute and manufacture the cement in India and have been offering Portland, primo and blended cement. The company is offering its products through a vast chain of network. The group has focussed on the sustainable development and considers it as one of the ways of achieving success in the cement industry that is the capital intensive industry having long periods of payback. Adopting all these techniques through the strategic planning makes the company efficient in its performance and provides enhanced level of satisfaction to its suppliers and customers. Moreover, the strategic planning has made the group to achieve higher levels ...
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