Strategic Report

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Strategic Report

Table of Contents

Table of Contents2



Geographical Area3

Role of Strategy4

Environmental Analysis4

Porter's Five Forces4

Rivalry Among Existing Competitors5

Threat of Substitute Services6

Threat of New Entrants6

Bargaining Power of Suppliers7

Bargaining Power of Buyers8

P.E.S.T.L.E Analysis8







Internal Analysis11

Problem Child/Question Mark11

Cash Cow11

Nokia SWOT Analysis12





Evaluation of Strategy14

Evaluation of Competitive Strategy14

Evaluation of Growth Strategy16

Recommendations for Strategic Direction19

Recommended Growth Strategy19

Recommended Competitive Strategy19



Strategic Report


Nokia was founded 146 years ago, in Finland and over the time has turned into a global organization with operations worldwide over 120 countries. In the mobile telecommunications industry, Nokia has developed itself into becoming a market leader and is most popular for Smartphones and mobile phones. Even, recent rivalry has influenced the market share, but Nokia still hold a strong market share in the telecommunication industry in a changing industry. Nokia Corporation manufactures mobile phones devices, communication industries, and other devices for internet connectivity. The company has more than 132,000 employees working globally. It is the largest mobile manufacturing company in the world (Laitinen, 2005, pp. 325-339).

This paper aims at discussing the scope and prospects of business for Nokia in the UK market, while exploring the company's strengths and weaknesses in addition to the PEST analysis and Porters Five Forces analysis of the company.


Geographical Area

Nokia wants to start its manufacturing plants in England and for this reason they need to develop strategies in order to be successful and achieve its same position as a market leader in England. In order to develop strategies Nokia has conducted its environmental analysis considering both external and internal environment which is discussed thoroughly in the following sections.

Goals and objectives of Nokia in the market are following:

To assist people believe close to what matter to them

To manufacture great mobile products

To capture value growth and volume to connect the next billion people to the Internet in developing growth markets

To allow billions of people to get more opportunities of life through mobiles.

Role of Strategy

A business strategy plays an important role in forwarding companies stated goals and objectives. As business scholars and leaders have put it, no business can be successful without the presence of a successful strategy (Knight & Routti, 2011, pp. 117-144).

Environmental Analysis

Every organization needs to conduct environmental analysis in order to achieve the desired position in the market. Environmental analysis covers both external and internal analysis. In external analysis threats and opportunities are examined as external factors.

Porter's Five Forces

Business organizations always have to keep an eye upon how the element of gender, class, geographic location and religion affect the buying trends in a given market. They also need to have an in-depth understanding of how these trends change over time and what are the events that will have a drastic impact on these factors. Moreover, there is a need to look at what markets are more likely to expand than others in order to give the company leadership an idea if the market is worth entering (Isoherranen, & Kess, 2011, pp. 395-402).

There are also other factors that should be taken ...
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