Study Of Challenges Faced In Implementing Management Information Systems In Accenture

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Study of Challenges Faced In Implementing Management Information Systems In Accenture



2.1. Introduction

Management information systems (MIS) are enterprise-class, large, highly integrated multi-functional software systems that dictate organizational processes and social structures in the businesses that implement them. Implementation of these systems, while often beneficial, creates significant organizational disruption. The structural disruption caused by MIS systems affects the organizational culture of the firms implementing them. Because of the importance of culture's impact on organizations, any shift in culture may impact individuals' behaviour and the firm's performance.

The term “information is power” has been substantiated time and again. In the world, where this is a reality, the private sector must support the saying. It is the Indian private sectors specifically which have additional information related to individuals, property and managerial procedures in contrast to any other sectors internationally. Currently, the zones have surfeit assets, which are not expected to decline in the probable time to come. There is a lot of difference in merely owing an asset and the likely strength it offers, in contrast to successfully employing it through administration, management and prudence. The information/technological age procedures are proving to be more and more crucial as the institutions manage process and spread information in addition to handling the correlated expertise (Anderson, 1993, 125).

It is also essential to designing and execute information technologies is an incorporated and intricate attempt, which augments with every novel improvement. It currently is not adequate merely to computerize clerical jobs or transfer data into the computer. In the extant times, institutions which are technologically nous need to employ information systems, which apart from enabling them to process data and execute clerical assignments would additionally offer superior manners to offer facilities in a manner which is more efficient and affable. The subsequent appraisal deals with varied spheres, which are necessary to comprehend the matters, which encompass execution of information technology in private sector.

The literature assessment will act as the foundation of the analysis of the private sector IT progress and usage procedures with the basic designing, obtaining and execution matters in the sphere of Management Information Systems (MIS). This fundamental basis will help to explain matters, which are included in a particular management procedure, which is not evidently explained in contrast to other management processes. Using the MIS literature as a foundation for the research permits a historical origin, which would not be possible if only the academic literature of IT execution was employed. Furthermore, this specific basis aligns MIS and IT execution in its appropriate domain of research - management - while permitting the literature to be reviewed.

Current appraisal of the literature correlated to IT execution comprises of two parts, which emphasize on the study and literature, which offer the foundation of the current research. In particular, the current appraisal offers an extensive range of the information present, which is correlated to executing IT in private sectors. Regrettably, researchers have not emphasized much on topics linked to information technology and private organizations, and the ...
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