Summary Of Chapters - “theory, Practice, And Trends In Human Services An Introduction” By Ed Neukrug

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Summary Of Chapters - “Theory, Practice, And Trends In Human Services An Introduction” By Ed Neukrug

Summary Of Chapters - “Theory, Practice, And Trends In Human Services An Introduction” By Ed Neukrug


The book written by Ed Neukrug involves various factors related to the human systems. The book also reveals the history of the human systems and the modern system in which people live and possess different types of skills in order to carry on their lives with their specific purpose or missions. The following are the summaries of each chapter from chapter 5 to chapter 10. The summaries of chapter will provide the basic themes and important aspects that are presented in the chapters.

Summary of chapter 5

The topic of chapter 5 is the “Development of the person”. In this chapter the author has started by defining the development of the human. The author has defined how the child grows after its birth. Not only the body of child is developed and grows but also the other types of development takes place. According to the author beside physical development, the cognitive and moral development also takes place as a part of the child growth. Various theories are presented in the chapter which involves cognitive development theory presented by jean Piaget in which it has been explained how the child passes through the phases of cognitive development. According to this theory, the cognitive development stages involves sensory-motor, preoperational, concrete operational, and formal operational. Similarly the theory related to moral development as well as women's moral development is presented in this section that defines how the moral behaviors are developed in the growing child and how the moral development differs in women. The section of color theory has told that the colors have great impact upon the human cognitive development.

The book has also involved the concepts for the professional applicants. The author with the help of presenting theories has given the professional applicants the knowledge about the child development. This is particularly helpful in analyzing the behaviors and attitudes that a human possess during its growth and development. Besides the physical and cognitive development this chapter also has highlighted the personality development that has shown that how the changes occurs in the personality with the passage of time. Various theories are presented in this regard which involved learning and humanistic theory. Also the post modernism and social constructionism is discussed in which the author has highlighted how the concept of personality differs in this era.

Student's reaction

In this chapter, the author has shown the truth of the life span development and has proposed theories that had shown how the changes and various development occurs in the human with the passage if life. The author has correctly explained that the person not only is developed physically but also cognitive wise, moral wise and personality wise.

Summary of chapter 6

The topic of chapter 6 is “Human Systems: couples and families, groups, organizational and community, administrative and counseling supervision”. The author has started this chapter by defining ...
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