Supervisor's Responsibility For Safety

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Supervisor's Responsibility for Safety

Role and Responsibilities of Supervisor in Health and Safety

Upon the acceptance of the position in Organization, each individual will receive two comprehensive manuals. They are "Team Member Orientation Benefits Handbook" and "Team Member Orientation Workbook" which contains health, safety and security policies. They are updated yearly and the one we have in the store was published in 2003, so it's very up to date. However, whether each store follows the policies is another case. Yum Organization does have its own health and safety inspectors that will visit each store across Australia on regular basis to ensure that everything is up to the standard.

When comes to the health and safety, Organization believes that prevention is the most important aspect. Posters about manual handling, health & safety policy, food safety, health and safety consultation, return to work policy and other posters required by local legislation are displayed throughout the store. Every employee while on duty is to be advised to be alert on any potential hazard, and report to MOD (Manager on Duty) if anything goes wrong, as safety is everyone's business. Organization broke health and safety policies into different categories. These include personal safety, preventing slip & falls, maintaining good security and food safety. I'll cover each individual parts in more depth.

As regard to personal safety, the first thing comes to my mind is my uniform. The jumper every driver got is bright red in colour with strips crossed to maintain maximum visibility. The reason for that is most driver work on the night shift, the visibility of the driver is very important as they may get hit by other vehicles while crossing the road otherwise. According to (TMO workbook, 2003, p32)"All accident/ incidents recorded within 24 hours whether they result in an injury or not." The location of the First Aid is easily accessible and personal protective equipment including mask/goggles, apron, heavy-duty gloves, etc are available when using hazardous chemicals, changing and tying off rubbish bins and operating machineries. All of the above are compatible with current legislation. One thing I must point out is that the exit of the car park at the back of Organization is fully parked with cars at both left and right hand side most of the time, often it's very hard to see the oncoming traffic. So it does have potential risk to the drivers including myself. Another instance is that the electrical cord hang down from the ceiling at the work area is quit low, is someone is tall or people jumping in the store may result in the contact with the cord.

With respect to preventing slip & falls, according to (TMO workbook, 2003,p34-35) every staff members are required to wear black non-slip soles, leather upper, closed toe and heel shoes. Staffs are not allowed to stand on the top or second top rung of a ladder or climb on stock, equipment or shelving. In addition to that, everyone are asked to check the walkways, floors, stairs and ladders for any ...
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