Surrogate City

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Surrogate City

Surrogate City


Hugo Hamilton was born in 1953 of Irish-German parents. He grew up with three languages Irish, English and German and his fiction often at the suture of these crops in the points of intersection. In particular, Hamilton is concerned both to make sense of the collapse of communism in Eastern Europe, as illustrated by the fall of the Berlin Wall, and understand the "New Ireland" and the cultural significance of his outsider status Negotiating for inclusion in the global marketplace. Hamilton's mother was a German who visited Ireland in 1949 for a pilgrimage, married an Irishman, and settled in the country. His father was a militant nationalist who insisted that his children speak only German and Irish but not English, the prohibition of the young Hugo resisted inward.

Surrogate City

Mr. Hamilton is a sensitive writer with a fascination with the minutiae of life.In Surrogate City When Alan first meets Helen in a bar in Berlin, do not expect to know its history. When he offers to help, nobody could predict the outcome, not even Hadja - young, German and powerful - as she takes the role of the world's policeman, directing operations in a world of exploitation and manipulation reverse.

"Distinctly evocative. Surrogate City resonates with the echoes of Isherwood, not only becauseof the pooling, but because of detachment of Alan drama he describes. It is a book smart and promising debut." "Create a sense of a touching love story of struggling against the pressure of circumstances."

"He writes with admirable confidence, but also with the delicacy of the insider-outsider.

Surrogate Cities German composer and musical theater innovator Heiner Goebbels cities of substitution is an exploration of the complexity of the city: "[T] here is an attempt to approach the phenomenon of the city from various sides, to tell stories cities, ...
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