Surrogate Mothers

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Surrogate Mothers


Over the years there has always been a debate about surrogate mothering, who should become surrogate mothers, the costs associated with it, the psychology involved and the moral arguments that drives the debate. Biologically some women are unable to carry children to full term because of a variety of medical issues and as such they attempt to negotiate with available surrogate mothers to partner with. However, on the reverse side of that argument is the issue of morality and costs. The two are interwoven because too often there are immoral people associated with the process and are only involved for profiting from what is a psychologically challenging time for others. This research paper will talk about these variables focusing especially on the argument of the moral question as it relates to a woman's right to have children.

How to Obtain a Surrogate Mother

Surrogate mothers are individuals who volunteer their services to carry a couple's child for them through the pregnancy. There are organizations who can be contacted by the couple who want to hire a surrogate mother. Most surrogate mothers want to meet the couple they could possibly be dealing with before becoming involved in the process. This initial meeting can be done at the organization of the surrogate mother but often takes place in a more social setting such as dinner at a restaurant. The surrogate mother wants to get to know the couple whose child she will be carrying and become comfortable with them. If the surrogate is not comfortable with the situation they are able to withdraw without having made a commitment.

In the beginning of the eighties, when reproductive technology did not allow for both the man's sperm and his wife's eggs to be transferred into the surrogate mother, the child would be genetically connected to the surrogate mother. Meeting the surrogate mother was especially important since the couple wanted the surrogate mother to look something like the child's adoptive mother would look like. Her personality would be reflected in the child and the couple would want to get to know the personality of the surrogate mother as well as her history.

Surrogate mothers offer a paid service. They must have regular doctors appointments during the pregnancy, which the couple contracting them may attend alongside. Anything dealing with the pregnancy is paid for by the couple. Legally, the surrogate mother is bound to a contract to give up the baby after it is born so that the couple may legally adopt it. In order to hire a surrogate mother she must be willing to work for you.

Reasons to Use a Surrogate Mother

Couples may look towards using a surrogate mother to conceive their children for a number of reasons if they tried to have a child naturally. Older couples could be at risk of having a miscarriage. With age one could become sterile and need the services of a surrogate mother. Previous health complications could inhibit someone from carrying children. Women who have had their tubes tied or men who ...
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