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Survey Project Checklist

Survey Project Checklist


This research is about two largest DVD rental companies which are Netflix and Blockbuster. Despite of all the controversy surrounding Netflix regarding the price increase, I believe that customers still prefer Netflix over Blockbuster. Netflix have also introduced their DVD service by streaming service, which have helped them to improve their system. Most of the information comes from Blockbuster and Netflix websites, in respect to the content of their plans and pricing. Most of information regarding Netflix came from an online review which came from Blockbuster and Netflix websites including the content of their pricing and plan. Some information regarding Netflix extracted from Qwikster as Netflix have separated their service into two services (MacKinlay, 1997).


In this paper we are selecting among Blockbuster and Netflix,

Hypothesis: Youth prefer Netflix over Blockbuster due to its efficient services.

Analyzing firm strategy can provide valuable insight into many factors of a firm's success. What allows one firm to thrive while another fails? Blockbuster, for example, saw its firm value drop to one three-thousandth of its value in the same period Netflix saw its value increase sixteen times. This paper seeks to determine how the firm values of Blockbuster and Netflix were impacted by the companies' appropriate strategies. In order to quantify the effects of each firm's strategies, this paper will utilize an event study.

Research Design


Jin (2007) suggests a good way of distinguishing between the two is by focusing on the concept of numeric or non-numeric data. Wasser (2001) also insinuate this by suggesting quantitative data techniques considered being data condensers and qualitative methods, by contrast, best understood as data enhancers. Additionally, Holt (1998) describes quantitative research as quantifiable data hard, reliable, and measurable. Quantitative research can be one of the following:

Structured Questionnaires

Structured Interviews

Laboratory Tests

Analysis of Statistical Data

Quantitative research takes a far more structured approach with the aim to examine the relationships between theory and numerical data (Jin, 2007)making it less flexible. Quantitative research tends not to be as informative or direct as qualitative research. However, it is much less time consuming and more cost effective than qualitative. In marketing quantitative research mostly seen in the form of surveys and questionnaires where the consumer has a selection of answers to choose be chosen. Questionnaires are commonly used, in marketing, to gain a consensus on a certain brand, (Wasser, 2001). They can be administered face-to-face, postal or the most recent method is electronically responses. They are not as informative as immediate interviews, but they do provide the researcher with a rationale regarding a subject.

Sample criteria

Filson (2004) amongst others emphasize the importance of selecting sample criteria prior to conducting research to ensure bias sampling does not occur. Sampling helps to ensure accuracy of data collected as well as saving time and money. The sampling techniques available for use by the author are:

Probability sampling

Non-probability sampling

It was decided that the most suitable form of sampling for this study was non-probability sampling as it would enable the author to select respondents individually rather than the ...
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