Synthesize The Effects Of Various Processes On Project Management

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Synthesize the Effects of Various Processes on Project Management

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Effects of Supply Chain Management on Productivity4

Effects of Capacity Scheduling on Productivity5

Effects of Facilities Planning on Productivity6

Trends in Capacity and Scheduling Management8

Importance of Planning8

Crocs Case Study9


Synthesize the Effects of Various Processes on Project Management


Project management is a process, containing various principles and methods, for successful planning and controlling of projects. The steps in project management are viable for scheduling, re-planning, decision making, resourcing and controlling (Richman, 2002). Basically, by following project management code of standard and methodologies, the aim is to complete the project according to the set plan and specifications as well as within budget. In this way, project management plays a vital role in the accomplishment of organizational goals (Richman, 2002). However, minimizing the cost and time, required for the completion of a project, is one of the major goals of project management, without compromising on the quality (Richman, 2002).

In today's era, project management has appeared as one of the best solutions in the operations of business. A number of small and big organizations have realized its importance. They now believe that for the attainment of success, using a structured approach is a highly effective competency (Richman, 2002). The importance of effective project management is very much evident today. Hence, project management is considered one of the significant methodologies that guarantee an organization's success (Richman, 2002).


Effects of Supply Chain Management on Productivity

A supply chain is a term given to a broad category. This includes flow of products and services from wholesalers and distributors, raw materials manufacturers, retailers, component and intermediate manufacturers and final product manufacturers (, 2009).

Transportation and storage facilities are a part of supply chain. Therefore, big organizations are opting for supply chain management. Figure 1 depicts the overall process of supply chain clearly (, 2009).

Figure 1: Supply Chain Process 2(, 2009)

Organizations are moving towards third party logistics (3PL), because half of their responsibilities i.e. supply chain management is shared by 3PLs. In this way, they are able to concentrate on their core competencies and improve their productivity. Moreover, organizations are now well aware that signing up with third party logistics service providers is extremely beneficial (, 2009). The organizations dealing in complex products, large inventories, huge number of suppliers and those having customers with large purchasing budgets, are the ones who greatly benefit from their services (, 2009).

The effect of supply chain management on productivity is undoubtedly positive. This is because; supply chains carry out some of the major tasks. Like, planning, managing different supply activities, sourcing raw materials and parts, delivering product to the customers, distributing the products to all channels and various other tasks are handled by the supply chains (, 2009).

The activities in sourcing and procurement, conversion are also planned and managed by the supply chains (, 2009). Hence, being proficient in a number of areas, supply chains have a significant impact on the organization's productivity. Firms are able to concentrate on their main business and the abilities of employees are ...
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