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System Safety for aviation and how it applies to bad aircraft parts being delivered to the military

System Safety For Aviation And How It Applies To Bad Aircraft Parts Being Delivered To The Military


It's intriguing that provide string of connections scandals are inclined to only make the headlines when they engage buyer items, for example Thomas the Train motors or Mattel toys. But when they engage titanium goods for critical components for example motor mounts discovered on hardworking obligation F-22s, F-15s and C-17s, Navy F-18s, and NASA's Kepler spacecraft, they don't make a lone mainstream report outlet! Last week, American Metal Market released a follow-up article considering a titanium scandal at Western Titanium Inc, a supplier of components to Boeing, The Air Force, and other government contractors as asserted by the Military Times. Four Western Titanium bosses face up to 64 enumerations of deception and conspiracy for falsifying supplier value check certifications. The test of these bosses faces hold up, as asserted by American Metal Market.

According to another website describing on the case, “The prosecutors state Western made short slashes to its method, by utilising a press to squash the steel and slash it down to a revolved thickness. For aircraft-grade titanium, the ore should be warmed and fed through monster iron alloy rollers to outcome in directional strength.” Other accounts propose the material went through a forging vs. a roll plate process. The shorter method produced in lower titanium than what is needed for F-15 motor mounts, as asserted by The Air Force. The Defense Department had started an enquiry after a Boeing supplier value audit. (Matthew p.19)

We obtained the following commentary from Greg Chase, President of Windsor, Connecticut founded Aerodyne Alloys commenting about the scandal, “The latest indictment of four bosses from Western Titanium for supposedly fraudulently trading substandard titanium is a genuine tragedy for the industry. Over the years there have been isolated situations of tampering with certifications or misrepresenting components, generally by go by plane by evening operations. But in this case, it was apparently a methodical perform the business had in location for years. Competitors like us have long cautioned customers that not all suppliers are conceived identical and have denied to pursue the lead of businesses that compromise quality. It's significant to be comparable but affray should not ever be an apologise for chopping bends and putting inhabits in jeopardy. Buyers that turned a unseeing eye to the perform may be as at fault as Western, if the accusations are true. Supporting a business that deals merchandise well underneath market cost and has dubious enterprise practices is playing with fire.” (Philip p.16)

The case raises some intriguing questions. For demonstration, did the customers, in this case Boeing and Lockheed Martin, amidst other government contractors, recognise the value matters or did it take the Department of Defense to first recognise the problem? We're not professionals in aerospace QA acceptance methods, although, we'd anticipate that critical constituents for example these would have undergone ultrasonic checking ...
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