Tata Nano

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Tata Nano

Tata Nano

Executive Summary

Tata nano is supposedly the cheapest car in the world to have been introduced. The inexpensive, four passenger city car, that has its engine in its rear is the creation of an Indian company by the name of Tata motors who initially aimed it in the Indian domestic market In March 2009. It was given the nickname of ''one lac car'' because of its price which is near Indian one lac rupees. The vision of the chair man of Tata Motors is to make this car Tata nano the 'People's car' that can be afforded by almost everybody. (www.tatamotors.com)

The reason behind the car's cheap price is its making. By making its things a bit smaller, lighter in weight, modifying the material wherever it was considered necessary and skipping a few parts that were not crucial or necessary, the company managed to come up with this special car without compromising on the safety and compliance of the environment. Also, the mileage of this car Tata nano is considered to be better than Toyota Prius and the gas emission of tata nano is also considered to be the same as a scooter. (www.tatamotors.com)

The Tata Nano was launched in around July 2009 and it has created a huge buzz all over the country of India. In the first two days of its launching only, the car got around fifty five hundred bookings. Now with its success, Tata nano wants to expand its global operations and move to South Africa.

The auto mobile market in South Africa has been in great shape since 2011. According to the statistics, the market went up by eleven percent in the November of the year 2011 with 49,499 registrations in that month. The whole year of 2011 accounted for 526,223 registrations for units in South Africa. South Africa is the hub for production and this has a huge impact on the best selling cars over there, on either side of the scale. Car sales in South Africa again increased by seven percent in January of the year 2012 with 48,251 registrations. (South African Import Regulations)

The plan is to import the car Tata Nano in parts to South Africa, where these parts will be assembled properly in its two factories in Pretoria and McGregor. We plan to have two distribution centers. One will be in Cape Town, and the other in Johannesburg. All Tata Nano cars will be distributed through these distribution centers only. People can order the cars through the website or through these distribution centers only. (South African Import Regulations)

There are three variants of the Tata Nano car that are available. They are Tata Nano, Tata nano CX and Tata Nano LX. All three of these variants will be brought in South Africa and will be sold here. We plan to sell the Tata Nano car in South Africa at the approximate price of 35,976 ZAR. This price we have estimated to be suitable for our wide target market which includes those people whose monthly income ...
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