Teenage Sexuality

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Teenage Sexuality

Teenage Sexuality


Teens are consumed with trying to find out who they are and where they fit in. They are halfway between being a child and becoming a young adult. They want to make choices on their own, but at the same time they are not always ready to handle the responsibilities and consequences that go along with those choices(Darroch et al, 2000). There is a certain sense of loneliness that plagues so many teens. Even with a loving family and friends there is still a search for independence(Mary, 2003). A child from what society would call the “ideal” home, has an inability, or perhaps even unwillingness to see the consequences of their actions just as the teenager from a not so ideal home. We are a sexually active society, and teenagers are no exception. Teens want their relationships to bring them intimacy, social status, sexual pleasure, and independence, they have a strong expectation these goals will be fulfilled if they have sex. Ultimately the consequences of teenage sex could end in sexual dysfunction and relationship dissatisfaction.


Teenagers that have entered to puberty are exploring their sexuality and it can be a confusing time. About 70% of boys and about 50% of girls between the ages of fourteen and seventeen had sex already. To have sex during teenage years bring three serious consequences, such as teen pregnancy, venereal diseases, and low self-esteem (Tamara, 2006).

First of all, when a teenager is pregnant, begins to confront a new life. A pregnant girl have to private herself of go to parties or go out with her friends on weekends like any other normal girl do (Tamara, 2006). Also, she will feel different and will live different experiences than her friends because her body will suffer changes, such as her skin, her hair, ...
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