Texas Legislature

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Texas Legislature

Texas Legislature


The United States' government is composed of many different internal branches and committees; courts and legislative groups of people who are dedicated to serving their country and protecting those who live in it. On November 26, 2008, Texas created the Legislature (House research Organization). This is a group of representatives that sit down, make laws and consider what Texas needs are and what they can do to make those needs capable.

Texas Supreme Court head Justice Wallace Jefferson swore in all 150 House constituents, who should run for election every two years, and 15 of the 31 senators, who serve staggered four-year periods (Houston Chronicle).

Many of the members in the Legislature are a mixed group of husbands and wives, all coming together for a common cause. They all have very busy schedules, especially now, during these difficult times with the economy. These men and women are put in charge of Texans' well-being and ability to maintain such blessings.

Historical Background

The history of Texas is definitely a unique one. The Legislature is a bicameral body that is made up of upper house Texas senate with 31 members and a lower Texas House of Representatives with 150 members whom convene in the state capitol in Austin, Texas. “The legislature replaced the Congress of Representatives of Texas' admission to the United States in 1845. The first assembly of legislature met from February 16th-May 13, 1846 facts-about.org).

The Legislation is in charge on how to handle the massive growth in illegal immigration. This includes the laws that allow them to work in places with special requirements and access to public benefits. The role of the state is to make sure that these illegal immigrants have the ability to make them legal. This is a major issue with the legislation and they have a series of ideas and laws that they wish to eventually make in to an official law; such as the following: Work place requirements: Proposals on work place requirements may include imposing sanctions or penalties on employers who hire illegal immigrants, including suspension or revocation of business, professional, or occupational license.

Texas Legislature

Then the House Focus Report goes on about Law Enforcement and how the legislature hopes to handle this massive issue: Law Enforcement. Lawmakers may debate the role of law enforcement agencies in enforcing federal immigration laws, including possible proposals to require peace officers to verify citizenship and immigration status of people they arrest or detain.

This means that if someone is suspected of being an illegal immigrant and they get arrested or in any trouble with the law, the officer is allowed to check the immigrant for proper identification.

The Report continues in saying: Proof of Citizenship. Other proposals may include requiring proof of citizenship from people who seek public benefits or who seek to register to vote or obtain a driver's license… Legislators could debate proposals to either codify or eliminate a new DPS rule that requires non-U.S. citizens to present proof of legal status before they can ...
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