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The word art reflects to the thought and imagination of the artist. An artist reflects his/her fantasies of mind with the help of art. Art is the terminology that refers to the construction of something skillfully. The artist reflects the political, physiological and cultural aspects through art. Art is of various kinds. It may be painting, singing, performing, etc. whatever kind of artist is, he/she reflects his/her imagination, thoughts and fantasies with the help of art.

Art and nature are directly proportional to each other. Where ever the nature is present, art is also present. The art that comes from the environment is more likely appreciated in the context with the art that is in the museum. Painting the portraits of nature on the canvas with freedom of water colors is the quality of art. It is the only science that gives you complete freedom. It provides a platform to those who see the world with their own perspective. Entering in the world of art gives you the complete realization of freedom. You can express anything you want with the help of art. In sort, art is the major thing in the existence of this universe (National Report 2007, 1-5).


Analysis of a work of art contains innumerable things in itself. When analyzing the work of art, the most valuable thing is how well the work is done. Another thing is what message the artist wants to give from its paintings to viewers. Also, what is the reflection in an artist's mind behind its work? The work of art possesses thingy character. Work of the art may contain poem, song, painting, music, etc. every work in art is a different thing. The main focus in the analysis of art is on the field of physiology. Because, art is the thing for which there is no unequivocal definition. Ever thought is different, every style is different. The work that comes out from these thoughts and styles are also different. It happens very often that a single artist represents unconventional thoughts at the same time in a single painting.

The home for presenting the art is museum. It is a place where art is presented by artist in a particular environment that is suitable for work of art. This environment contains calmness with soft background music. Galleries contain the work of the artist in which an artist reflects its feelings. This environment gives the visitor to explore, educate, announce and discuss the work of art. The work of art contains a direct interaction with cultural, social, political and economical perspectives for which they emerge (Croidheain 2010, 69 - 99).

Cultural Impact

The work of art majorly impacts the culture of the society. Culture is the expression of humanity. The art creativity impacts directly on the cultural activities. A culture is represented by virtue of art. Artists are the persons who link the culture with the art. They are intended to think imaginatively and metaphorically to challenge the conventional, symbolical and effectiveness in order to communicate with the audience...
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