The Branding And Marketing Of Fruits And Other Natural Products

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The Branding and Marketing Of Fruits and Other Natural Products




Background of the Study1

Research Questions1

Aims and Objectives1

Significance of the Study2



Rationale for a Qualitative Study6


Background of the Study

Fruits and other natural products are perishable food items; they need to market in order to increase the reach to the customers. Marketing, sometimes translated into marketing, is a discipline of management that seeks to determine the offers goods of services or ideas based on attitudes and motivation of consumers, the public or society general. It promotes their marketing (or distribution for non-profit activities) (Cayla and Eckhardt, 2007, pp. 444).

In today's era, our world is surrounded by the phenomenon of advertising. In a day, we are exposed to scores of advertisements through different mediums of television, radio, internet billboards etc. These advertisements introduce variegated brands. Out of this huge chunk of brands there are only few brands that occupy a strong position in our minds (Berry, 2002, pp. 679). The research tends to discuss the techniques for marketing and branding of fruits and other natural products.

Research Questions

The research questions that should be framed for the research are:

What are the benefits of branding and marketing fruits in the overall product market?

Impacts of branding and marketing fruits and other natural products.

Practices prevailing in the market in terms of branding fruits and other commodities.

Aims and Objectives

The aims and objectives of this shall be to understand and comprehend the accounts of branding and marketing goods and commodities available in the market. The general norm that we witness in groceries and other retail outlets is that food and other edible items should be labeled and branded in order to hold equity and reputation in the market and that such food items need to be highlighted in order to understand the quality and quantity produce that farmers give out in order to make distinctions towards the best product available in the market.

Significance of the Study

With the process of labelling and branding fruits and other natural products available in the market, it shall be feasible and much simpler to identify and highlight the best produce available in the grocery market and help us identify products of mediocre quality simultaneously.


For businesses, it is increasingly important to distinguish them by a strong, effective and efficient brand strategy that stands strong against the competition and sends a clear message and the satisfaction of customer. The positive image and experience with the brand should be central for the organization. If you decide to keep your customers, expand their market share or open a new niche (the creation of a brand from scratch), you must create a strategic framework in order to deal with the progress and reputation of the brand. These days it is important to market and brand fruits and other natural products (Cornelissen and Lock, 2000, pp. 7).

Fruit and vegetables are highly perishable. They need lots of care and continuing dedication during production and ...
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