The Changes In Attitude Towards Sexuality

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The Changes in Attitude towards Sexuality

The Changes in Attitude towards Sexuality


In this paper we shall be discussing Benjamin Franklin and Walt Whitman in a holistic context, understanding their tones and scripts regarding sexuality for all to relate to.


The changes in attitude towards sexuality between Benjamin Franklin and Walt Whitman's writings; Heads up Whitman was a homosexual and Franklin had a much heightened sex drive.

The Changes in attitude towards sexuality in Walt Whitman's

The American poet Walt Whitmans was born on May 31, 1819, in west Hills, New York. However, receiving little formal education, Walt Whitman liked to attend the opera and spend their time studying the great works of world literature in the libraries of New York, self publishing, Whitman leaves of Grass in 1855, a work that celebrated the sensuality, individuality, fertility and nature, this when he was 36 years old. (Shively, 1987)

The collection included 12 poems during the rest of his life would continue reviewing. The first edition of leaves of Grass (Leaves of Grass) was not well received by the public, but was praised by the American essayist Ralph Waldo Emerson in a letter that Whitman published the second edition. Because of his brother George was wounded during the Civil war, Whitman became his nurse and the other wounded soldiers, spending their own money to help them heal. (Shively, 1987)

In 1865 Whitman was fired from his government job after it was discovered that he was the author of leaves of Grass. It is thought that Walt Whitman was gay, but not known to have had any relationship with man. Whitman was profoundly unorthodox intellectual and a poet. He also had his neurotic side, which was being quiet, bisexual, capricious, elusive, authoritarian, bohemian, lewd, and lazy. Which is to say that Whitman's ideas and beliefs were not only play acting, but were rooted in a profound maladjustment to the environment in which he lived. "The continued commitment of Walt to his mother, almost illiterate, is one of the most remarkable facts of her life and ennobles him most. His mother had "the most perfect and attractive character, the rarest and least selfish combination of practical virtues, moral and spiritual, few ever met, and it was for me the most loved." But by touching as these expressions, made on the occasion of the death of his mother, we cannot see in this fact the origin of sexuality never well determined Whitman, his condition apparently bisexual, leaning more towards homosexuality. "(Donald, 2009)

As his passion and his brain grew of modern and unique ways, he grew to become a homosexual, who is an individual that mates or aims to mate with someone of the same gender pattern. Thus for the purpose and objective of drawing justified conclusions, Whitman grew upon the ability and his reputation of becoming a homosexual and at the same time made significant amends for the purpose and objective of understanding the whereabouts of all those individuals who have already been through this ...
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