The Comparison Of Family Learning Between China And Western Countries

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The Comparison of Family learning between China and Western Countries


In the last few years, with the development of education has stricken root into the hearts of the people, family education has been a hot spot of the world. Because, good family education is closely related to children's quality and behavior, and related to the future of our country. At present, the position of family learning is good, large number of parents and schools have created thriving know-how, even many parents study the family learning knowledge initiatively, the learning concept has undergone the deep change. Nevertheless, the family education is still a weak connection, particularly, as the Western informative thought is penetrating through the East and opposite the customary and up to date thought about family education. Moreover, Chinese and the Western family education each have its own good points, but in different aspects, the educational methods are different, so we need to understand the differences between Chinese and Western family education. (Greg, pp. 82-86)


The difference between Chinese family education system and Western education system is that things have not changed so much in China as compared to the past. Average families hold a strong belief that fixing on education perseveringly will bring them opportunities to change their fates. This is to state, they accept as true high educational qualifications can easily convey their children a money-rolling job and upper social status. So there is a very consuming motive that arm parents with a powerful sense of competition and advocate their children to do their best with studies. (Keith, pp. 117-133)

As a result, every suspect of lures that may ruin kids in their minds causes a hate and even a fight. In my opinions, this can more or less explain that why generally those childhood dreams of athletes or artists come to a premature-end. The concerns of parents arrive from the genuine state of activities in our country. As we turn to the USA, we will find teenagers appear to be absent-minded about their studies. They don't go in for memorizing mathematics formulas or spelling difficult Latin's, but unlike us, they don't have to force themselves to study, nor do their parents force them to. They can choose to become what they want to be, and their parents won't strongly argue against that or simplify snuff out the faint possibilities. Rock stars? That's fine, because you won't be to accuse to ...
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