The Crusades And Their Impact

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The crusades and their impact


Who were Crusaders? This is the question that is brought up frequently because Crusades are the very interesting and important topic. The Crusaders were the band of men fighting for their religion and their freedom. When you became the crusader, it meant taking up your cross (Lyon 926). These men battled numerous bloody assaults and trampled numerous lands. The real reason that they were fighting was to recapture Holy Land, which had been taken by Muslims. The Crusaders are an significant theme, and hopefully this fundamental pilgrimage will be exhilarating enough. (Crusades in The New Catholic 508)

Discussion and Analysis

The first and foremost supporter of Crusades was Emperor, Alexius Comnenus. This esteemed man quickly went to Pope and asked him for help. Alexius was the very brave man, and he did many things for his people. The pope at this time was the respected man, Urban II. When Urban II was asked to start the religious band of warriors, he could just not turn this idea down. Urban II begun conversing about battling for their flexibility of belief, and he had numerous cheerful followers by 1096.

How did Crusades begin in first place? In year 1090, Emperor of Rome, Alexius Comnenus, asked Pope Urban II if he would help him embark on First Crusade. Urban thought that this was an excellent idea, and he started spreading word about this. In 1095 Urban II called the great council, and this meeting was called Council of Clermont. Moving the large amount of people, Pope preached to the great multitude about crusades, and it is stated that many people in street started to shout, "God wills it" (Lyon 926). After this First Crusade began in 1096. Finally, First Crusade ended after these same men had journeyed to Jerusalem, and they had been in many battles; they ended in 1099. The reason First Crusade was so successful was because leaders did not argue with each other, and they tried as hard as they could to get what they came to do. (The Gospel in All Lands By Methodist 262)

About fifty years after First Crusaders Turks invaded and took holy land. The Third Crusade started after Second Crusade, which was unsuccessful. There were many other Crusades just like this one, but Third Crusade was closest to being successful. Lastly, There was one Crusade, which was tragic because this crusade was made up of children. ...
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