The East India Company

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The East India Company

The East India Company


India that is an ever compactly inhabited country with incorrigible societies has a vast history of connection and commerce with Europe. The major means of contact between India and Britain has been by means of business. This actually started to establish during the seventeenth century, when the East India Company was founded, a private organization possessed by important and wealthy personages in Britain.


Europe's Situation

At the time of the birth of the East India Company, the condition of Europe was not quite fine as for the businesses. Organizations had inflected on their stakeholders, a great deal of liability, before the boom of state sponsored companies. When these stakeholders caused any undesirable occurrence, or failed to reimburse, the companies would be after them badly and in the worst case, had them imprisoned. Back then, in the seventeenth century, the tours across the world were comparable to a space operation of today for they involved a great deal of risks as well as great expenditure. The English had to necessarily compete with the Portuguese and the Dutch in summoning the authority of their respective fleets in order to open up the purses of the stakeholders.

The Incline of the East India Company

The administrators of the Company were more or less like the monarchs of a nation. The Company possessed its individual armed forces and was able to confer accords. They operated intimately with many Indian leaders, frequently assisting them in their contentions or confrontations with the rest of the leaders. All through the seventeenth and eighteenth century, they presided over increasing number of lands in India. The East India Company started off with the foundation of a strong Indian lobby in the administration; a council of the monopolist groups which had profited from its commerce and which established an ...
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