The Femur Bone

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The Femur Bone

The Femur Bone


• cross section cow leg bone (femur)

• microscope

• microscope slides and cover slips

• spoon (not plastic)

• ruler (metric)

• chicken bones


The femur bone is one of the greatest bones within the body because of its dimensions and durability, and already it can be the heavenly accessory onto your desk. Sit it onto the desk, fill it up with pens, tell every sucker that asks that it is an actual bone and otherwise precede towards slap them within the face. The consume of homo grafts within ossiculoplasty has been well certified within the literature. In the morning 1980s, nonossicular homograft optic pill bone was consumed as a prosthetic substance within stapedectomy. We began consuming homograft femur as a prosthetic substance within the morning 1990s. In this article, we inform the findings of a retrospective learn of the consume of homograft femur prostheses. A series of 300 stapedectomy was served between Aug. 24, 1992, and Jan. twenty, 2000. Total footplate removal with preservation of the posterior curs was our arrangement of choice. However, within 116 of these instances, the posterior curs could not be consumed, and homograft femur prosthesis was substituted. (Romer, 1977)


For these prostheses, everybody homograft femurs were elicited from the American Red Cross. All prostheses were rehearsed within the bone laboratory and stocked within the bone bank until needed. After an alright period of follow-up, we tabulated our results. We located that within 89 of 113 instances (78.8%) available for follow-up, the air-bone gap was completely clod seed. In contribution, the air-bone gap was finished towards within 5 dB within 11 patients (9.7%) and finished towards within ten dB within five patients (4.4%). In everybody, 105 of the 113 homograft femur prosthetic systems (92.9%) resulted within a successful outcome.( Struthers, 1981)

We retrospectively reviewed the ...
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