The Great Pyramids Of Egypt

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The Great Pyramids of Egypt

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The Great Pyramids which are the tomb of three kings, Khufu, Khafre and Menkaure shows the time of social and political stability by showing the size and complexity of the tomb of the three kings. The Great Pyramid are related to kingship and also include how were built in a way that still fascinates the modern historians.


The pyramids were built as tombs for pharaohs, the rulers of Egypt. All of them were built during the Old Kingdom, so that the greatest remains of ancient Egypt and some of the earliest were built! The first truly mark the pyramids were built at Giza (Jansen 2003 1031). The three kings of the 4th Dynasty built their pyramids on the Giza plateau: - Khufu, Khafre and Menkaure

On the rocky plateau of Giza, raising three great pyramids, each built during the life of Pharaoh. Taken together, these pyramids are the most celebrated group of monuments in the world. While the pyramids at Giza were built in the IV dynasty, (2615-2500 BC), the first pyramid was actually built in Saqqara during the reign of King Djoser of the third dynasty. Historians are still coming up with new theories about why they were built and who built them. There are many mysteries of the pyramids, which are waiting to be unlocked. The pyramids were built not in isolation but as part of a larger complex dedicated to the dead.

"Giza diagonal" formed by the alignment of the south-east corners of the three pyramids received much attention (Corteggiani 2007 127). Some of the speculation on the momentum of this line includes the theory of historians that the three pyramids were laid down to simulate the location of the three stars of Orion's belt. Others, such as Mark Lehner speculated that it may have been intended to indicate the Heliopolis. Another theory says that each subsequent pyramid used the previous pyramid as a basis for aligning the next.

Khafre's pyramid base is about 10 meters higher than that of Khufu, which makes an appearance as the larger of the two, in fact smallest(Thomas F. 2004 601). Menkaure pyramid, though much less than that of both Khafre and Khufu, was an ambitious project with a granite body for less several courses. The pyramid was never completed, but it is believed that he intended the whole pyramid, to be clad in granite.Sphinx and the Khafre

Giza Plateau is also home to the Sphinx, the human head recumbent lion carved from a single piece of limestone outcrop. Thought to be carved into the likeness of Khrafre Sphinx is located on the eastern edge of the plateau at the end of the dam Chephren.

When turning back the pages of history, we discover that a number of theories have been developed to explain the presence of such significant historical sites (Jansen 2003 1031). "Theories range from the tomb of the king, in a special chemical plant, a beacon for extraterrestrial aircraft, stone form the Bible, affordable way to connect with the Supreme ...
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