Who Built The Pyramid?

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Who built the pyramid?

There have been lots of arguments and debates among various people on the topic “Who actually built the pyramid”? In this topic, we are going to present evidence on who actually built the pyramid. The fascination with an ancient monument as unique as the Great Pyramid of Egypt has led to diverse interpretations outside the strict field of archeology. Some think that this is a giant stone bible, which would hide architectural elements, coded, arcane initiatory revelations. Others believe it was built using alien technology and was destined to serve in those ancient times, a point of reference for interstellar spacecraft landing powerful. (Allen, pp.7-14)

Still others attribute to its geometric shape to focus the power of cosmic energy, which, among other things, it would be to preserve the pharaoh's body incorrupt, placed right in the middle of the building. Finally, another hypothesis esoteric type ensures that the Great Pyramid is actually a universal calendar Egregious where, by the arrangement of passageways and chambers, one could read the past and the future of all humanity. The famous pyramids of Egypt known as Cheops, Khafre and Menkaure are located on the southwest border of Cairo. The largest of the three, the Cheops (Great Pyramid) symbolized the Force of Nature, the second arrow to shoot the first, expressed the movement, and the third, less than a stone's throw of it, and was a symbol of time, eternity. It seems that three thousand years ago, the base of these pyramids were oriented so that one side faced north, second to the east (Alfa domain) and the third to the west (Omega symbol) and one of the cusps of the triangle base, south-facing, signaling the kingdom of darkness. Such a huge work of this caliber, so big and quite resistant to the passage of time, there remains an inevitable question (so did Herodotus and Napoleon had) how the pyramids were built? The most important thing is the immense effort involved in extracting, transporting, cutting and fitting each of the blocks which would not have been possible without a spiritual force that led to the creation of this magnificent building that is indeed the most impressive history of mankind. (Bard, pp.31-40)

Many are the calculations and figures shuffled by experts on the pyramids of Dynasty IV. During the hundred years of Egyptian history that relate to the period of its construction, had to place a stone block in four and a half minutes, with an average of 2500 kilos per block. In total, 8,972,500 meters and 12,000,000 cubic blocks handled some 25,000 people a day who worked 10 hours a day. The most convincing theory is a spiral ramp that revolved around the pyramid. The blocks were hauled on sleds to the highest point, but building this ramp was more difficult than building the pyramid. It is still a mystery how they managed to identify the plant of the Great Pyramid of Cheops with so much accuracy. (Kemp, pp.67-73)

According to modern calculations, the angles ...
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