The Impact Of Climate Change On Construction (A Case Study Of Uk Road Construction)

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The Impact of Climate Change on Construction (A Case Study of UK Road Construction)



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Research Design2

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The purpose of this research is to develop the theoretical understanding Impact of Climatic Change in Construction: A case of UK Road Construction. In this section of the report, the research methodology is outlined specifying the research approach and method that was used. The methodology for the research takes into account the knowledge obtained from the review of related academic literature, the nature of the research subject and the aim/objectives which the research wishes to achieve (Kroll, B., & Taylor, A, 2003, pp. 54). Weather Records, Temperature Record, Rain, Snow Fall, Weather Conditions and other such records will be considered to come to a significant finding.

What is being done?

A number of literatures are reviewed to get a better understanding of different factors, technologies, materials and events that can have an effect of the construction of roads in the UK and the concerned companies. This will be done by reviewing reports providing information of events, natural disasters or anomalies that cannot be avoided or stopped. This will give a better insight on the topic, and help the researcher get a better idea of the effect of different elements on construction of roads in the UK.

Why is this being done?

The reason for this research is to understand the impact of the dynamic UK weather on the roads in the country. It is important to keep in mind that UK faces a serious problem when it comes to constructing and managing roads because of the harsh and changing weather resulting in a faster and more serious corrosion increasing complications for the construction companies.

How is this being

This research is being carried out by incorporating a number of variables into the equation and identifying the reasons for road erosion and the contribution of climate change to this. In addition to this, the research will try to identify materials, processes and technology that can help road building companies to minimize the impact of climate on roads in the UK.

Extreme weather events UN 2011

One of the most important elements that will ...
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