The Impact Of Computers On Society

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The Impact of Computers on Society

The Impact of Computers on Society

Research Proposal

It is clear that technology has set the standard in the evolution of modern society, giving part of a growth in this field a breakthrough of economic and cultural. Technology especially computer has changed our lives for good. To study this thesis statement regarding the impact of computers on society, my research will aim to identify the role of computer technology on the society and also to evaluate the effectiveness of computer technology in today's society setting to evaluate its effect on the people associated to it. The paper will discuss the Marshall McLuhan's theories about media and technology, who had foreseen the internet world thirty years before its creation. This research is founded on the qualitative study. The research encompasses the publications, articles and similar studies accessible on the internet and uses the case study methodology to determine the Impact of Computers on Society. This will include five recent and most relevant researches that studies the impact of the computer technology on society. The paper will only focus on the relationship between society and technology. The lifestyke of the internet world that is cyber space will be covered that how today's generation has become dependent on computer technology for every walk of life, including work, education and entertainment etc. This will also include the advantages and disadvantages of technology in shaping society.



Introduces the topic and uses of computer

Proposed Aims and Objectives

Aims and objectives are proposed for the research paper.

Thesis Statement

Thesis statement is introduced

Research Analysis

Discussion on impact on the Society

The influence of the computer on modern society is studied along with its importance and benefits

Lifestyle in Cyberspace is evaluated


Conclusion is developed



Proposed Aims and Objectives6

Thesis Statement6

Research Analysis6

Impact on the Society6

The influence of the computer on modern society8

Lifestyle in Cyberspace10



The Impact of Computers on Society


Technology has no doubts affected our lives, it has changed our lives for good. Today computers have gone from being a luxury to a necessity, as we provide some activities to save time and money allowing in most cases. These machines are made for all tastes and preferences also accommodate to every need, to the point, thanks to the improvements that have taken, it is possible for people who travel from one city to another or simply move constantly and they need a working tool that can lead to all places and then store the information necessary to carry out an effective and efficient use of their work, and can have this kind of laptops.

Even computers that are simply to keep at home, in the office, and business have many advantages, we are at a point where society has appropriated both the use of the computer for any member of the family, from largest to smallest, and this machine has its personal benefit. While it is true that computers have made one way or another make communication faster and more effectively, uniting thousands of people who have the ability and opportunity to connect to the ...
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