The Individual Dimension Of Oppression

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The individual Dimension of Oppression

Thesis Statement

Women's issues have been always a dynamic part of human society. Women have challenged all dimensions of personal and public life that these words evoke. But it is also a reality that men are also oppression and exploited still in the modern society.


Women are exploited and face oppression every day. In the workplace women are forced into low paying, insecure and unskilled jobs. Women's problems do not stop at the workplace. Oppression is the systematic mistreatment of one group of people

by another group of people or by society as a whole; with institutional power as a means of asserting that mistreatment. Men are treated as inherently aggressive and violent. Men are not allowed to be flexible; they are forced into a narrow definition of male.

When they do not fit in to the definition they are labeled "wimp", "sissy" or "girl". Violence against men is more condoned than against women. Despite the growing societal awareness of violence against women (which is very good) it is still acceptable to harm or kill men if the reason is "justifiable". Men are treated as if they do not feel pain or experience the full range of emotions like women. If killing or risking of life and limb is involved men are chosen for the job. When they get hurt at work or play they are expected to shrug it off and continue as if nothing happened; the work or the game is considered more important than their feelings. Men are looked upon as expendable. Every man has always done the best he could to fight the oppression that was placed upon him; even when he acts oppressively towards men or women, he is still fighting against the oppression as hard as he can and as much as he knows how ...
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